WW2: Night Raid

From Create Your Own Story

June 1st, 1944, 2:16 AM.

Your Spitfire glides above Normandy like an eagle, its powerful V12 engine running at the minimum power required to keep it flying so as to avoid making too much noise. You suppose the town of Caen must be down here somewhere, but the ground below is completely dark due to the blackout enforced by the German authorities. In such conditions, it should be hard to find the Resistance's drop zone.

Your plane's hold contains twenty Sten guns and plenty of ammunition for the French Resistance. D-Day is approaching, and the Free French Forces will play a critical role in it. Undertrained and underequipped, they urgently need those guns for the battles to come, and you are determined to deliver your cargo even if you have to give up your life for it.

Your eyes never leave the pitch-dark ground, trying (and mostly failing) to recognize some landmark on which you could rely. But over there, on that low hill to your left, about a mile away... a straight line of five red spotlights... here's the drop zone! You eagerly swerve in that direction. Your triumphant grin dies on your lips when a stark white light splashes into your face, half blinding you. Damn it, the German searchlights found you! Someone probably heard your plane's engine...

Accelerate towards the drop zone

Drop your cargo right here

Put on your parachute and jump off the plane

Destroy the searchlights

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