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Reaching into your purse, you grab your wallet. "I only have $5," you say, as he can't see your wallet.

He seems quite pleased with the offer, and holds out his notes in one hand, and gesturing for you to hand him fiver with the other.

"Thanks Stu," you purse your lips as you pronounce his name, pressing the money into his palm. The look he gives you tells you that he is putty in your hands again, just as he was the last times you copied your notes. But your inner cynic comes out and wonders how long that will last, since he found the balls to sk for payment finally.

You finish copying the notes in time to hand in the assignment, and you wink thanks at Stu before passing him his copy back.

The rest of class passes uneventfully, and as the bell rings, you catch up with Lisa and tell her about your car. She offers you a ride later, and you make plans to call her tomorrow morning in case you run into the same situation. You're not displeased with how the morning turned out, but you also dont want to get too used to it.

Lisa suggests skipping your next class to go grab a coffee at the cafe across from the school. Math is your next class, and you know you've got an exam in two days. You should really go to get some quality studying done, and besides that cute basketball player, Tommy, sits next to you.

As you hesitate, Lisa adds that she really needs to talk to you.

Do you:

Day 1 Inventory:

Phone, wallet.

Time 9:20
Money $50
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