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Your name just so happens to be Kara. You live with your single mother, who happens to be one of the rare hands-off type of parent. You're a sixteen year old high school sophomore, and a member of the color guard at your high school.

As usual, your alarm goes off at six-thirty, and you stumble out of bed. You wander over to the full length mirror and admire your body. You sleep naked, as you find it more comfortable than anything else. You take a moment to admire you pretty, freckle-free face and nice, c-cup breasts. Your eyes wander over your lithe body and rest upon your hairless pussy. You wink at yourself before running over for a quick shower.

As you leave the refreshing shower, you ponder your choice in what to wear. While your school district has a very strict dress code, most schools don't enforce it, trusting the parents decision in all but the most extreme cases. You have a variety of clothes, ranging from conservative to provocative.

What do you wear?

Day 1 Inventory:


Time 6:45
Money $0
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