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"Kara! Jump in," she calls.

"What happened to your car?" she asks as you get in and buckle up. You explain about the note your mother left, and how you hope she'll get the problem fixed by tomorrow. Lisa sympathizes, her car is in the shop for repairs today, hence her dad driving her. Lisa's dad asks what time classes end, and offers you a ride home after school too. "Thank you Mr. Campbell." you reply.

"Anytime Kara," he replies, and then asks how your winter break was, noting "We didn't see you around much this holiday."

"We tried to hang out, Dad, but we were both too busy!" Lisa explains. "Kara was doing things with her mom, and we had company over almost constantly." the rest of the ride you talk about gifts and funny things Lisa's relatives said at Christmas dinner.

As you arrive at school, before heading to your different class rooms, Lisa asks if you'll walk to second period together. You agree, and head to your locker before first bell rings.

Johnny, a popular kid in your grade, ogles you as you pass him. He comes to chat with you as you grab a text book and asks for your help studying for biology. "The anatomy final is coming up," he smiles, trying to see more of your bra.

You flirt back with him, and invite him to your house after class tomorrow to 'study'. You're enjoying being single after breaking up with your boyfriend two months ago, and while you haven't slept with anyone else since, you think to yourself that fooling around with Johnny will be fun and much needed.

Then you:

Day 1 Inventory:

Phone, text book, wallet.

Time 7:40
Money $35
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