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Its me H0rniWr1t3r I am really sorry about vandalizing, I do not know how to appropriately post comments. I am new here so I am guessing just post on my page because platypus said I was vandalizing? sorry. User:H0rniWr1t3r

please get back to me soon.

If you don't want to be banned, you need to learn to play by the rules.

Rule 1: if an author asks that you don't post in their story, that's it. You don't post in that author's story. I am the author of Smutty Sex Romp & Rampage. Both stories warn that anything written with poor grammar will be deleted. I was actually considering how I could edit your work into something worth saving, but then I asked you to stop posting. You flipped out and vandalized my personal page like an angry toddler. Then, and only then, did I delete anything. And if you think I let just anyone post in my stories, you're very wrong.

Rule 2: If you start your own story, grammatical standards are entirely up to you! Other people may edit your story, but if you don't like it, in your own story, you're the boss.

Now, if you can play nice, you can stay. If you commit further acts of vandalism, you're gone. --Platypus 20:57, 27 March 2016 (UTC)

I hope you've read everything DirtyMe has had to say below, because she's made a number of good points.

I do not dislike you personally. How could I, when I don't even know you? I don't believe that you have the level of grammatical skill to write in my stories without me having to do a lot of editing. That does not mean that I dislike you or your writing. In fact, I strongly encourage you to start your own story. From you've told me, you've been through quite a lot, and a writer who's lived through so much is going to have some stories to tell.

I also strongly encourage you to seek professional help. If you are having any thoughts about killing yourself, you need the kind of guidance that neither I, nor DirtyMe, nor anyone else on this site can provide for you. Not because these suicidal thoughts make you a failure in any way, shape, or form, but because those kinds of thoughts are a disease. You wouldn't fight pneumonia by hoping that it might go away on its own, and you wouldn't fight pneumonia by buying some basic cough medicine and hoping. You'd see a doctor. The same is true for suicidal ideation. When you are that unwell, you seek professional medical help.

I hope you get better, and I hope you write your own stories. I've even unblocked your original H0rniWr1t3r account for you. --Platypus 17:12, 29 March 2016 (UTC)

Smutty Sex Romp || 16,571 Pages || Public -For experienced writers with a firm grasp of grammar and spelling only. Any contributions with poor grammar will be immediately deleted

Obviously, I haven't made that warning clear enough. You are not the only one who's posted things that aren't up to my exceedingly picky standards SSR. Far from it. In the short time since your first posting, you're not even the most recent poster whose work I've deleted. But you might want to go through the index pages and look for stories marked as Public to contribute to. There are many abandoned stories that are just waiting for a new author to pick them up and add new content to them. --Platypus 21:40, 29 March 2016 (UTC)

Dirty Me's talk

Hmm, maybe I can help a little.

1. Let me ask you, how would you feel if someone took a story you worked on and started posting stuff that you could not accept? This is what Platypus is saying, that the story you contributed to was his story, and he did not find it worked with his story. And honestly, I had looked at your edits. Most of them was mistakes you should be able to identify. End sentences with a period (.), start sentences with a capital letter. I live in a country where English is no one's native language, but everyone who uses it understands this. You just need to pay attention.

2. You state something about appropriately posting comments. Do you really think that is why he banned you? This is a wiki, unless a page is actually deleted, all changes can be tracked, and if you go to Special:RecentChanges, you will see all the recent changes. Plus, you can look at the page history and see what was changed. When you posted on User:Platypus, the changes were still shown. Just because you deleted the changes doesn't mean no one could see them.

Want me to copy and paste the exact things you wrote on his user page? Does loser, parent's basement, script kiddie, mean anything to you? You say you don't know how you vandalized his page, and act like it is because you posted a comment. Do you still want to state that, knowing that every change you made can be checked?

Besides, let me ask you something, is changing a user page like that really very mature? You were trying to post in an adult story, then acting like a child because you were asked to stop. Arguing is one thing, but:

I'm a faggot ass nigger! who does not know what to do in life because I am a jobless loser who stays at home correcting peoples grammar and policing them about what they can and cannot do. At least I have a nice life in my parents basement, ugh I am such a loser :( :( :

seems more like something I would expect from someone in Jr. high school, which is not someone who should even be reading that story, let alone adding to it.

So, I hope this has clarified a little for you what the problem is. Yes, Platypus can be a bear with a sore tooth sometimes, but don't you think you went overboard? --Dirty Me 01:37, 28 March 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, okay, lets start again. First, let me move your conversation down, and I will go through it bit by bit.

So, lets start off with who I am:
Hello, I am DirtyMeStoryTime, the author of many stories, the one that is the most developed is Dirty Me, but it is not being worked on while I try other stuff. I am an irregular contributor to this website for my own stories and occasionally trying to help others. To leave me a message, please go to User talk:DirtyMeStoryTime and edit there, adding in your comments. That is the way you give feedback. Please do not put comments on my user page, but on the user talk page.

Now, on to who I am not:
Hello, I am not Platypus, the system administrator that left you the message at the top. He has the right to ban you, I do not. He is the creator of Smutty Sex Romp, I am not.

Now, for your comments:

I did not know you can see that I though I was the only one able to see what I did I tried deleting it and replaced it but you still got mad, I really did not mean to offend you or anything but I was doing this for a joke it was only ment for me to read remember I am new to this site. User:H0rniWr1t3r

I did not get mad, Platypus did. I was warning you that, yes, I know you changed it back, but others can see that you made those edits. It was to let you know why he said you were a vandal. It was not leaving him a message on his talk page, it was you making these changes to his user page, even though you changed them back.

Its funny that you called me an immature child and I did not even know you would be able to see that.

So, I never said you are immature, I said you had done something immature. I also did not call you a child, I said what you typed was something I would expect from one. Please note, I am addressing the behavior, not belittling you. If you saw someone post the same stuff on a site, wouldn't you think that the behavior is immature? Honestly, I do not know you, I do not know what you are like as a person, and the little I have seen is not enough to judge you as a whole, only to state that the specific actions created a specific reaction.

I changed the page because it was a joke for only me to see that's why I deleted it. You really think someone like me has it easy I struggle with bipolar,borderline personality disorder,asd,ocd,schizophrenia,pstd,anxeity, depression, multiple personality disorder, grew up in another country and had to switch everything, got kicked out of the house when I was 18 cause I am bisexual.

I never said anything was easy for anyone. Again, I do not know you, and did not judge you. All I did was state "You did x, this is why y happened". Guess what, I have anxiety myself, I have PSTD myself, I have a touch of OCD myself. I have problems with depression myself. I am living in another country where English is not the native language, yet it is my native language. I have had many friends who are bipolar, I have had many family members who suffered from schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. I am bisexual myself. I was not kicked out of the house, but I can share lots of sad events that have happened to me. Molested when I was 6, raped twice. Heavy drug use, exploited for my gender. Beaten, abused, neglected, bullied. But, I am an adult. I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I cannot blame anyone if I lash out, and trust me, I have lashed out more than once, just fortunately not on this site.

Not to mention I been abused as a child and I am studying penetration testing and I cannot screw up because I am trying to get a job my life is not easy and now I am thinking of committing suicide thanks to you because you crushed my hobby of writing.

So, not sure what to say about this. Let me start off with a little note about me. I tried to commit suicide, twice. Guess I sucked at that too. But, don't think that "I am thinking of committing suicide because of x person (Again, your writing is targeting Platypus, not sure why you are addressing me) is going to do anything. In fact, I tried to commit suicide because of me. Please do not try to blame someone else on your suicidal thoughts. I hate when people try to guilt trip others with "I am going to kill myself because of you". At least admit you are thinking of it because you feel hopeless, or something. You will never find the way to be happy with yourself if you just try to blame others.

Next, the "because you crushed my hobby of writing" part. Is Smutty Sex Romp the only story on this site? Can't you just create your own story if you want something similar, but was rejected by the main author? Platypus even said above that he had thought of how to re-write it so that it can be used. So, I guess he liked your idea, he just did not think it was good enough quality. He also said directly that it was because of what you did to his user page that he deleted it all. Please calm down and listen to what he and I are trying to say. I understand, when you are on the down cycle of bipolar, when you are depressed, it is hard to calm down and think about what someone is telling you, but you need to try. So, no one told you not to write. Someone said not to write in their story. Honestly, if you wrote in Dirty Me, other than on the male path, I would probably ask you to stop too, since I write it from my perspective as a female, and I doubt you would be able to do a good job of writing from a female point. Also, if you want to know about some of the stuff I went through, many of the beginning stories are based on my personal experience, like getting raped at gun point. Of being the target of revenge porn and having the police tell me and my family that "there is nothing we can do about it", getting death threats and rape threats because someone posted my nude pics online. So, you are right that I don't know what it is like to be you, and at the same time, you do not know the hell others have went through. Even today I am a broken person, although I have made a life where I am happy.

I know I suck but I can at least pretend I am worth something. I think I am strong and continuing to grow do to what I go through! User:H0rniWr1t3r

Sigh...I can tell you have serious self esteem issues. I do myself, maybe just as bad as you. But, let me say, no one has said you are not worth anything. I have not said that. Platypus has not said that. No one here at editthis has said that or feels that way. So, you got in trouble. That does not mean no one would value you. Again, and again and again if needed, Platypus said he actually thought of trying to fix your parts so it would be okay according to his standards. If he thought they were worthless, he wouldn't have even thought about that. He would have deleted them right away. He has sent the exact same message to another user just today. Don't take it personally. He is just picky. So, find a different story and write it your way.

I notice you have added more since I started typing this:

Its funny I called you a noob in IT but really I think I am the noob :( I guess I am not due to the fact my team says I am the best one there. The fact I am still standing loads of medication which is making me feel numb and queasy due to the crap side effects.

Honestly, I don't know what to say to this. No one really knows anything about you.

Everyone always hates everything I do and I hate myself, If I do not post back I will be dead.User:H0rniWr1t3r

Sigh, read above please. No one here hates you or what you do. Some just got frustrated by your behavior. Specific behavioral incidents are not the same thing as the quality of someone as a whole. We all have bad days.

Anyways, again, if you want to message me, with whatever, just leave me a note on my talk page: User talk:DirtyMeStoryTime

I am a real person, with real problems, and I don't mind talking to others. Just do me a favor and don't ask me how big my breasts are. I have gotten tired of being asked that lately xD --Dirty Me 05:27, 29 March 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, can you let me know where I said "Try harder"? I know it doesn't work that way. As I said, I have some of the same thigns you do, my family and friends have others. I have clinical depression, so I know very well "try harder" doesn't work. Not the "I feel blue" type, but the "I am worthless", I can't even get out of bed because of the depression, suicidal thoughts depression. I know how it feels.

For the schizo side, I remember my cousin stealing a gun from her parent's room because the voices told her that the neighbor's son was going to rape her sister if she didn't stop him. She brought the gun to school to shoot him, but my aunt found the room broken into and the gun gone, so stopped her. We didn't tell her to try harder, we got her help.

I also know the meds, while helping, have major side effects. And even when they are working, need constant adjustment or else they stop working. I never said "try harder". Think of it more as, just bite your tongue when you want to lash out.

Mostly though, I was trying to make you understand no one on this site has stated you are worthless. Again, I cannot say I know how you feel, but I can sympathize and empathize because I have dealt with many of the same issues you have, either directly myself, or seen what my loved ones who had the mental issues dealt with. I am saying we do not view you as worthless. The fact is, we do not know you, you do not know us. We all just share the same website. I am not judging you, and don't judge us when you do not know us. Honestly, I wish I could help you. I wish I could convince you. But I know that I cannot. Similar to me, no matter how many people say how great I am, how special I am, how pretty I am, how whatever I am, I don't feel it. But that is my burden. Just remember, we are not stating you have no worth.

Anyways, again, I understand I cannot really fix anything, or even make it better for you to be you, but I will not judge you and I am here if you need someone to talk to. My email address is also on my blog if you feel the need to email me.

The only advice is, just take your meds. I know they will make you feel numb, feel disconnected, feel lots of negative things, but they will also let you at least have some level of a normal life. More than you will without. Again, I know because my cousin is on disability because her condition is so bad, there is no way she could ever hold a regular job. She will be on meds for life, and will always have problems. Sadly, the same as you. I wish it was not true, that the world can be fair, but you know as well as I do that it is not.

I hope you read through my messages on an up cycle, and realize I am not trying to belittle you. I hope that we can see many wonderful stories that you are creating on this website, that others can read and enjoy, in the future. --Dirty Me 17:18, 29 March 2016 (UTC)

Okay, time for a different approach. The last BP friend I had did fine when he was acting in a sub capacity. He had a dom, and she was able to keep him focused. I am a switch, but normally prefer sub role. I am better at following than leading. However, I think it is time for you to follow directions. So, from now on, you will address me as Mistress, and you will be Pet.

Pet, I have some instructions you will follow through with. Do not disappoint me.

  1. Platypus has restored your original account. Unless you have forgotten the password, you will log off this account and log back on that account. After you have, you will report back to me on my talk page with one of two responses:
    • If you log on, you will go to my talk page and say the following: Mistress, I am on my original account. Thank you for teaching me mistress.
    • If you cannot log on because you do not remember the information, you will go to my talk page on this account and say the following: Mistress. I have forgotten my information. Please spank me so I may learn not to forget my information.
  2. After you have confirmed which account you will use, you will go find a story in one of the following places:
    • Option 1: You will create your own story. Follow the instructions in the Tutorial and create it.
    • Option 2: You will go to Pit of Abandoned Stories and pick a story. You may chose any story there. You will master that story and write.
    • Option 3: You will go to All Adult Stories and pick one that is marked as (Public). You will start adding to that story. Do not use Smutty Sex Romp or Rampage. All other (Public) stories are okay, but you must follow any instructions for the story.
  3. Once you have chosen a story, you will report back to me with: Mistress, I will write for [[insert story name]]. Thank you for teaching me mistress.
  4. Once you have reported the story you select, you will add 5 pages today. I do not care about the length. Add them.

Do not displease me pet. --Dirty Me 01:34, 30 March 2016 (UTC)

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