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Hey I just got back here coz i havent been active for a while though. So far I cant write story without inspiration. Well I think I can move on from that except playing computer or CF.--GUY WITHOUTBALLS


In The Worst Ways

I know trans women don't generally get treated that way in real life, but I may be injecting a bit of my own fantasy into it. I mean, the whole thing started as my fantasies so lol. Surprisingly progressive rapists and burglars. In real life trans women struggle to get practically anyone who knows to accept them as a real woman.

But they are real women, and unless it's really necessary to the story overall I'd rather not have it be a big huge thing every time I want to write a sex scene for her. The alternative is me writing Janet being beaten or tortured by the burglars for having a dick, and I don't want to do that. Not right there, at least. Maybe in another branch and done by someone else.

As for your friend, I would ask them what to refer to them as. I'm betting she/her but it's better to ask and be sure. Then try to use those pronouns as often as possible as long as it's safe, even if they're not around. Like unless you would be revealing their transgender status to someone they want to keep it a secret to, it's best to keep using it. It may take some getting used to but it's worth it to show them you care enough about them.

They'll likely face many people who, often intentionally, will call them by the wrong pronouns. Having someone consistently use the right pronouns and name is a huge boost in confidence.

I'll see what I can do for the cafe next. I've kinda been doing things as they occur to me :v --In The Worst Ways 06:21, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

Try not to think of it in terms of you feeling like a guy. Think of it like, you feel like yourself, a woman, but your birth certificate says male, your parents raised you as a boy, you have a penis (which is not always a problem, plenty of trans women don't have a problem having a penis, it's other people that have the problem with it,) and unless you got the hint early and everybody was okay with it, you've seen a guy in the mirror your whole life. There's a lot more to it but that's the gist.

You want to look how you feel, you want people to acknowledge that you're a woman, you don't want to have the same conversations, the same questions every time someone finds out, you just went to be you, but all of this is difficult to accomplish.

Sorry about Marie's story. I kind of used her branch as a dumping ground for my darker thoughts for some reason. I was remembering pretty dark times and wanted to get those out. I was considering adding a couple of other characters once I've got more done on the ones I have on there. I have some ideas. Happier ones. Keep an eye out for those :v. --In The Worst Ways 06:53, 26 May 2016 (UTC) p.s. the answer is yes, I am, but don't tell anyone plz?.

I've considered getting a keyboard to use for my tablet, but the problem is we never have more than a couple dollars to spare. That, and my charger (which wasn't made for a tablet) uses the USB port and isn't very effective, so I have to keep it plugged in most of the time. If I had a replacement for the original charger this wouldn't be a problem, though.

It would only be a quick fix, but I would swing it if I could. Having a laptop would open up a lot more options even if it was a cheap one, and I'm hoping I can get one soon, or get the one I have to function as more than a paperweight. This tablet just generally refuses to work for making digital art, for instance.

The rules thing, I mean I can kinda understand because I guess they didn't even have a rules page for a while? But me personally I always try to find out just what's allowed somewhere before I put something up. I hate running into situations where I'm breaking rules or just generally fudging everything because I didn't know. Ran into that with the DeviantArt account I had made a long time ago for my explicit art. Which they don't allow. :v

Sorry. -- In The Worst Ways 20:52, 27 May 2016 (UTC)

Bluetooth. So, I have a wireless mouse that I wanted to see if it would pair with my tablet. Idk if the mouse is bluetooth or not but I figured I'd give it a shot. Well, after searching all through my settings, it looks like my tablet might not even be capable of Bluetooth. So, that's out I guess.

Having a chat based cyoa does sound like an interesting idea! --In The Worst Ways 19:36, 29 May 2016 (UTC)

Well, the back of it says Nextablet and I think it's android 4.1. Beyond that I'm not sure what information is important.

I've seen some terrible messages but I've never seen any quite that bad that I could still sorta tell what they were saying. I've seen some that were probably drunk at the time that, they were clearly typing something but fuck if I was ever going to learn what it was.

Makes me think of those ciphers where you're supposed to read one letter as another letter, like cddc actually means abba or ere means bob, but if they did it with whole words instead of letters. Like idk fish means cat and tree means deepthroat or something.

If you don't want to copy mine because you don't want to copy someone then it doesn't matter to me if you do. If you don't want to copy it because it's a huge pain in the ass then that's perfectly understandable, there's probably so many easier ways to do that and I just don't know them lol.

I was initially going to do mine so it looked more like AIM or YIM, which was kind of how it ended up looking the first way I did it, but your words in bubbles gave me the idea to try to make it look more like Facebook Messenger app, so I fiddled with that til it looked more or less like I wanted. Thank you for sharing that :v. -- In The Worst Ways 04:51, 30 May 2016 (UTC)

Thank you for making the template! I'll keep using that format for that conversation/that character's branch whenever chat comes up, but I think I may try something else for other characters/conversations.

I'm thinking something more along the lines of a box that looks kinda like a yahoo messenger window, especially if I can make it scroll vertically within the box. That seems like it'd be easier to reuse/make a template of, though I've never made one before personally.

I really need to get back to writing in general but IRL stuff's been on my mind. Rent stuff. -- In The Worst Ways 18:33, 6 June 2016 (UTC)

I will keep the offer in mind :v. I'm looking into a bunch of different things to hopefully keep this from happening again in the future. I completely understand not having anything left by the end of the month, not just from our current situation, pretty much my entire life has been like that with my family. We moved across the country because we couldn't afford the house we were living in. We were never able to keep a house longer than like a couple years, and we kept moving back in with my grandparents.

But yeah, if we can get through this month we're going to do everything we can to keep it from getting to this point again. Editing/proofreading definitely falls within the realm of things I can do, thank you for offering :v. -- In The Worst Ways 17:49, 13 June 2016 (UTC)

Thank you :v.

I was actually coming on here to message you. I've been thinking about the problem with the chat bubbles. I was wondering if wrapping them in a frame like a table or something might give a rightmost side for the bubble to stick to? Something kind of like the other chat window I was working on, perhaps, or at least the part that scrolls?

I barely know how to use templates, but I was thinking if there was a way to put like a template within a template or something it might be possible? Thought I'd bring it up and see what you thought. -- In The Worst Ways 04:26, 20 June 2016 (UTC)

You probably saw, but I sorted the problem with the bubbles out and made a phone template to go with them! I'm thinking about reusing the code from the bubble templates and making two more universal chat bubble templates, though.

The bubbles were pretty much entirely you, I just added some bits to make it do the thing. I didn't see any solutions for making the jc101 bubble stick to the right without ignoring the rest of the page, and only expand inward instead of off the right, so I had to make it float right, then force it to stack properly with the harukosama bubbles by giving them both a margin in the opposite direction.

It kinda feels like a cheap solution but it's the only thing I could get to work. The first time I applied the float right, all the bubbles just kind of mixed together.

Then I spent way too long obsessing over the phone template until it got to what it looks like now. Once I was done with everything I spent several minutes just scrolling the chat window up and down and giggling to myself.

I made the phone and my other chat window template to more or less be usable by whoever. Maybe it'd work for if you wanted to go with your idea for a story with texts? One thing I'm curious about though is, I only know how the phone template looks on mobile, I'm hoping the desktop version doesn't have an annoying scroll bar or anything.

I've been obsessed with coding these things since I started figuring things out but I still haven't gotten back into the swing of writing yet. Thank you for showing me it was possible to do more than just put text on a page here. Once I do get back to writing, there's so much more I still want to do. -- In The Worst Ways 06:15, 22 June 2016 (UTC) (P.S. Sorry I'm rambling. I'm just really excited.)

Thanks! I didn't know there were scroll bars in the chatroom template but that doesn't matter as much. I made the box to scroll but I didn't know if the scroll bars would be different on desktop or not. I need to rewrite the context but I was kind of going for a chat window like Yahoo Messenger and I made sure the message field and the "typing" field would scroll if the text got too long instead of stretching.

I was more worried about the smartphone text template, but I used basically the same scrolling window code for that as I used for the messenger window so I assume there is one there too. On my screen, the scroll bar is barely a sliver that only appears when I scroll up and down so it's not obtrusive, which I guess is what I'm more worried about especially with the chat bubbles on the right side. Thank you for letting me know what that looked like :v -- In The Worst Ways 09:10, 22 June 2016 (UTC)

Go right ahead :v. I was kinda hoping more people would use the templates than just me, though I might still change some things about the templates, so let me know if I break something if I do?

I'm going to experiment with a couple things. Since I know I can use {{{}}} to change parts of the code itself, I'm going to look into allowing the person using the template to change things like color schemes for the chat window and font, and I may be able to make a universal chat bubble that you can put to the left or right as needed as well as changing the color of the text and the bubble. Could make things much easier and more versatile to use :v-- In The Worst Ways 19:37, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

Sorry the new text bubble template is a bit complicated to use. I tried to make it as streamlined as possible, as in people using it not having to out in a bunch of code themselves, while still giving as many options as needed, but there were some things I just couldn't figure out how to simplify.

I might have been able to replace the short margin by making it the same variable as the alignment, so if it was set to float left or right then the 5px margin would be on the same side, but I couldn't think of a way to make the 20px margin automatically set to the opposite side, and if I removed it entirely it would just be stacked bubbles of mostly the same width which would defeat the purpose of designing them that way in the first place.

If you went to mess with the code or make the names of the variables less wordy you can totally do that though, I just gave them the first names that came to mind.

A yeah I made it so the bubbles can be told to either float left or float right, and hopefully the part of the code that says "clear: both;" will make it so that even if the bubbles are put in a larger field they won't float next to each other and I won't have to change the margins again if I try to do something like that. That's how that's supposed to work, anyway, but I'm not sure if I did it right.

I hate the 20 minute rule. It seems mostly unnecessary for it to be that long, and I haven't been able to successfully link anything at all because of it. My session keeps timing out before I can submit the captcha. Which is gonna suck if I ever want to start my planned idea for a more point and click type cyoa (not that I need another unfinished project but yknow.)

I did have an idea though for your emoticons and I was thinking it might work better for you than for me because the one website I've found that does technically work on mobile is still absolutely terrible on mobile, but there are websites that make pixel art into CSS code, you just have to figure out how to restructure the code so it works on this site. But it should be more or less the same structure as that space invader pixel art object you added to my talk page when it's done. You could make pixel art emoticons then use them instead of external images. And you can probably make those into a template, too.

I spent probably 6 hours making that phone and getting the bubbles to do what I wanted the first time around. Probably more since then. Like I'm sure you'd have figured all of this out too if you spent several hours doing virtually nothing but poking at it until it worked, but I'm sure you have other things going on in your life, and you've actually been doing other things around the site. Meanwhile, I have things I probably should be doing, but I fixate on anything but what I need to be doing instead.

I'm glad I've learned so much, and maybe it'll apply to other ends later, but the fact that I spent so much concentrated time and effort learning how to code these things for choose your own smut isn't something I feel particularly proud of lol.

However you decide to proceed with your text project, best of luck :v -- In The Worst Ways 07:09, 29 June 2016 (UTC) (P.S. sorry for such a long message.) this one was the one i found that worked for pixels. The table smiley you put in my talk page, idk why but it's weirdly stretched vertically. The tool at this link puts out a code that looks a lot like that space invader you put on my talk page except using px instead of em. I don't have the patience for it because the input box is tiny and it doesn't respond if I zoom into it, so I have to be zoomed out to do everything. Would be different if I were on a computer, though. I was going to use it for something else.

I was thinking about using chyoa as well, and I might do so in the future, but at first I came here because chyoa had rules against what I had in mind for writing. I came here initially to write my ideas for Marie, and chyoa has rules against some of the things I had planned.

I don't just enjoy writing and art. If I'm not doing or haven't done something creative in some way I feel like I'm wasting my time. Even though half the time I can't will myself to even pick up my sketchbook. I don't think I'm a very good artist yet, or writer, but I keep trying because I feel like I need to, even if I never finish anything.

Writing here was a bit of a big step for me because prior to this I barely shared any of my work anywhere. Mostly because I never finish anything, though this medium kind of favors unfinished works, it would seem.

I used to play a lot of videogames, before my laptop died, before I moved and had to leave a ps3 behind. Not that I really got to use the ps3 all that much while I was there, other people kept hogging it. I'd kill to play fallout. Any fallout. Even 1 and 2.

Lately I've been stuck with Pixel Dungeon (which I both recommend playing and staying as far away from as possible. It's addictive and frustrating as hell.) and the basketball mini game that Facebook messenger has. I had fallout shelter but after a while that kinda becomes just, the same thing over and over.

For what it's worth, I haven't really noticed anything wrong with the way you write that I myself as a native English speaker wouldn't do. And I don't know any Chinese at all so you're a leg up on me there.

I'm going to bed though. I'm dead tired and I plan to do stuff tomorrow. I hope you have a good day! Sorry for the long message again. -- In The Worst Ways 08:39, 29 June 2016 (UTC)


E-mail sent. I was offline all day today, just now had a chance to pop on.

You. You are my dirty nerdy girl. *blows kiss* -- Teejay

I know zilch about programming. Strictly an applications guy.

How many computer programmers does it take to change a light bulb joke?

100. 1 to change the joke, and 99 to submit "How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? Incorrect, that is a hardware problem." -- Teejay

Email replied to. -- Teejay

At least they tried, and despite a few typos, I thought they did a reasonable job. It's not the best I've ever read, but it's not anywhere near the worst either. -- Teejay

You could tell that the author was young and male. But with a bit more practice, they'll learn what words to avoid and their writing will mature.

It took me a few years to get it down. This was my first successful effort:

It's not easy to write from a woman's perspective if you're male, but it is doable. -- Teejay

How about "The Best New Breasts"? -- Teejay

I don't know if I have such a hat, but I'll try.

"The Breast New Thing!" "Perfect For Breast Men!" "New Discovery -- Stay Abreast!" -- Teejay

I'll post one more option for The Exhibitionist, and hope it cheers you up. And I'll beam over nice thoughts. -- Teejay

Glad to hear it. I'll still send over nice thoughts. -- Teejay

Send the rain over here, we could use it. :) -- Teejay

Just reading that link made ME want to slice that teacher's throat. I can't stand when authority figures (of any gender) use their position to abuse vulnerable minors. -- Teejay

I know it's real. And you've been through things I don't even want to imagine. I hope you always have a loving, caring partner from now on who can help you keep what happened quelled. -- Teejay

Just read what you posted in reply to Fredhot16. And now I feel really honored. You know very well why.

P.S. -- I think you're a beautiful person. And that has nothing to do with your looks (although you are nice looking.) You've been through so much, and somehow emerged without being totally shattered. You're a terrific writer and an amazing an courageous human being. Like I've said before, I wish you and your husband and child many years of happiness together as a family. -- Teejay

I have not played any of the Fallout games.

I read your blog, remember? I know the horrors you experienced.

If I had met you while you were in high school, I would have taken you in and gotten you clean and sober. Or at least done everything possible to do so. I actually did that for the daughter of a friend when she went through her very rough high school years (both her parents were strung out on drugs.) This particular person is about 2-3 years older than you.

Like I said, you're amazing. And awesome. I wouldn't wish what you went through on my worst enemy if I had one. Any you came through it, surviving somehow. -- Teejay

Sticking to the questions you asked: you did a fantastic job of writing that. I can't write 1/10 that well. (I suppose you're particularly good at writing scenes like that because you can draw on actual memories.) -- Teejay

I see you're reviewing stories. What do you think of this one? :)

[[A Day At The Races

-- Teejay

If you want a nice, short, sane adult story to review to take your mind off The Devil's Daughter, I recommend A Big Ugly Story. -- Teejay

Your review was quite accurate. And a description of exactly what I was aiming for -- realistic physical descriptions, quick on the sex since it is in the Adult stories section. Glad I achieved my goal, even if my work on the story petered out relatively quickly. -- Teejay

Yes, there is feedback on the review. Unless you meant your review of the End of the World, in which case, i agree with your review. For my feedback on your review of my story see the comment just above this one. -- Teejay

I would not dare to insist you do anything, but I would suggest that your next story review by the completed adult story "Megan". -- Teejay

Whew! I'm finally done moving. Now I can get back online. I missed you. -- Teejay

Thank you. I'll like it a lot better once everything is unpacked and installed. :) -- Teejay

The new apartment is lovely. Thank you.

I'll come blindfold you soon and lead you naked through a room full of my AMAB female-identifying friends. I'm sure they'll think you're gorgeous. :) -- Teejay

Most of the ones I know are lesbians or bisexual. -- Teejay

I'd probably really enjoy it and try to make sure you always have plenty of fun. My (late) first wife was an exhibitionist and a former pornstar. -- Teejay

And what does it explain? *giggle* -- Teejay

That's me all right. I have made some contributions to Battle Royale (mature section), and wrote the non-adult story A Day At The Races, but most of my contributions are indeed in the Adult section. I do believe in making my female characters human, not pure sex objects. (The guys, on the other hand...) -- Teejay

That is random. What if one of them had dropped down to his knees and offered to tongue you to climax? :) -- Teejay

The word is "gymnasium", gym for short, and I'm sorry your husband hasn't been around to offer you love. Things will get better. You're a good person. He loves you and I'm sure he wants you in his arms as much as you want to be there. -- Teejay

I'm glad you had a better day. I have a feeling you and your husband would be good friends with me and my GF if you lived over here. And yeah, awesome to have a female programmer. Jocelyn Bell would be smiling. Did I mention I met her in person while I was in college? -- Teejay

Have I ever told you you're the good kind of, um, "eccentric"? I think we'd get along well in person, and my GF would think you're hilarious. Except for the body type you remind me of her best friend. -- Teejay

That translates as "I'm human enough to want good interaction with others." Congratulations, you passed the Turing test. -- Teejay

Nice to meet you, Ava. :)

Honestly, I think we'd be much better off if intelligent androids ran the world instead of idiotic humans. -- Teejay

That wasn't anywhere near the only reason. (Personally, I'd love to see a scenario where a woman turns the the table on a man or group of men with not-so-innocent intentions.) -- Teejay

I actually meant that the men, not the woman, have not-so-innocent intentions. But your interpretation works too.

I don't think you would ever have been whole, but you might well have healed more. And I agree that society has some serious issues with how they treat women and how they deal with sexual assault. I've been complaining about it and trying to to take action for 25 years.

Nothing is unnatural about nudity. I think the ancient Greeks had it right when they went around naked all the time. The human body is not something to be ashamed of. And no, you're not a bad parent at all for that.

I've never understood why anyone has a problem with women breastfeeding. But then again, because my parents come partly from a European background, I didn't grow up with the sexual hang-ups of most Americans. I went to France when I was 15 and spent time on the beach with my female cousin and her friends, who were of all genders. We all went around topless. In France that's not considered a big deal.

My first long-term GF could orgasm from having her nipples suckled. We were at the beach and she slipped my head under her shirt and I sucked her nipples until she climaxed 5 times. She wasn't silent about it either. When my head emerged from under her shirt we were surrounded by other beachgoers.

Society, espeecially American society, needs to grow the fuck up about sex. It's a natural process and doing in public isn't a big deal. You'd probably be better if my attitudes about it had been society's attitudes. -- Teejay

I am a proud liberal socialist.

Your poetry is better than mine. I can construct a limerick, sometimes.

"A very sad poet was Jenny / her limericks weren't worth a penny / in technique they were sound / yet somehow she found / whenever she tried to write any / she always wrote one line too many!"

I dated a domme once, it was wonderful. She took really good care of me. -- Teejay

I honestly don't feel capable of evaluating the hidden story right now.

As for you... I think it's residual damage from your past. What happened to you is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. I think you're happy right now with your life and never having been truly content before settling down with your loving husband and having your child, your psyche isn't sure how to handle it. I think you'll have episodes like this for a long time to come, but as long as you don't let them affect your life with your husband and your child, you'll work through them.

I hope you don't suffer any more traumas. You're a good person, having somehow emerged from a living hell still intact enough to make a life for yourself. -- Teejay

I'm sure you can find someone to tell you how evil you are. After all, we have people who are experts in lying. They're known as Rethuglican politicians. :) -- Teejay

Have sex with your husband while you're blindfolded, so you can imagine it being anyone? -- Teejay

I'm out of ideas. I hope you get through this without wrecking anything, such as your marriage. -- Teejay

I've been told I'm a good listener. One of my nicknames in college was Sphinx, because everybody told me their secrets and I didn't divulge any. I had 150 female best friends. -- Teejay

Confused is my normal state around women. I realized long ago that as a man, I would never understand them. Any man who claims he does is lying through his teeth. I can, however, love them. The women I've been with have responded well, as a rule, to tenderness and sweetness and efforts to make them feel appreciated and cared about.

And yes, I have no issues with you using birth control. -- Teejay

Something has gone badly wrong with the global culture. Hate and anger are on the rise everywhere.

Hope you get through this rough patch without further issues. Here's an online hug and some positive energy. -- Teejay

Based on your real self I take it. What do you want me to say? We both know you're an excellent writer. The subject matter is disturbing -- as usual, my first reaction was to want to reach through the screen and see how long it would take to make the narrator feel comfortable with being loved and cared about. My second thought was I hope real-life Dirty Me is doing OK and her family is still treating her like the wonderful human she is. -- Teejay

That makes a lot of sense, and is very reassuring to me. Thank you. -- Teejay

Well, I found it interesting and informative. Can't speak for anyone else... -- Teejay

Random thought: Oversexed Rugsuckers From Mars is the worst movie ever made. Yes, even worse than any of Ed Wood's movies. Plan Nine From Outer Space comes in second. -- Teejay

Here's the ugly details. http: //w w w . badmovies . org/ movies /oversexrug/

It's even worse than you think. I would know because when [mumble] years ago I was back in high school I was part of the Appreciation Of Martial Arts Through Film Club, and we started with martial arts films and things devolved from there. Yes, I actually watched it. -- Teejay

The more details the better. I really feel like I'm getting to know the character and how their mind works. -- Teejay

It's amazing how much you learn when researching, even when you weren't expecting to learn. I learned a lot about myself when talking to my friends about certain issues. -- Teejay

(shakes head) What the heck did I just watch? -- Teejay

So far, so good. -- Teejay

It was like something I would write. :) -- Teejay

I understand why you're concerned, and it makes sense, but your writing so far for the section is excellent. -- Teejay


Hey there, got your message on my talk. Thanks for the compliments, didn't think anyone was reading, it made my day. Just remember, when you read my stories; it doesn't have to end in sex :D Do you think you could leave a link or something on my story where I went wrong? I got lost trying to find the correct story branch that I was looking for. -- 117 P.S: Still getting used to messaging people on here. 26 May 2016

There we go. I've edited it and I think that's everything. Thanks for looking out. --117 27 May 2016


The whole pink dildo thing makes me think of the thirteen-year-olds in science class snickering because the teacher said 'Uranus'. Yes, I think this one is very young.

The idea of an invisible story is kind of amusing, though. --Platypus 16:43, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

That penis is between you & Zenclair. I'm not touching it. --Platypus 09:57, 27 May 2016 (UTC)

Your fantasy is no stranger than many of the fantasies that make up SSR, and it's possibly more normal than many. I'm sure I can find a place in SSR where it could be worked in. --Platypus 15:36, 1 June 2016 (UTC)

You new review idea looks like it's got potential, especially since the old reviewer seems to have permanently retired. --Platypus 15:46, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

I've never played any of the Fallout games, although I was in a D&D campaign where we had to save Harry Potter from the threat of Nuka-Cola, with some help from the Men In Black. --Platypus 16:55, 16 June 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up about Life of a 13 year old. I'd rather not be the site censor, but I suppose someone has to be. And the whole idea of a uterus-piercing path sounds pretty vile. --Platypus 11:26, 29 June 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for the invite. I will try to get to it, but if I don't please understand. There's simply more things that I want to read, to watch, to write, to play, etc... than there are hours in a day. --Platypus 15:54, 10 September 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up. Those were pretty poorly written pages. I will try to find time to go through Masochist Me. I expect it will be an interesting read. --Platypus 11:28, 22 March 2017 (UTC)


You might want to sit down and get comfortable. I know we haven' talked in about a month so here's a month's worth of talking. (Note: This may seem incomplete but that's because my computer is a bit wonky and what I had previously wrote disappeared when I had to close the window. I'll finish it later.)

Darky: I apologize if my attitude towards Darky seemed...overly critical. I was just trying to help him by playing devil's advocate. If my questions seemed harsh then that is my fault and I take full responsibility. I wonder where Darky went, though. I hope I didn't discourage him...

Sex scenes: You know what...I don't necessarily DISAGREE with you. Let me make this clear, I agree with you on all your points. Sex scenes, IF DONE RIGHT, can satisfy both the brain and libido by providing both sexual entertainment and serving the needs of the plot. I would even go so far as to say that a sex scene, perhaps one's deflowering, could even serve as the catalyst for character growth or change. My biggest problem with sex scenes is the description of sexual acts. I believe that one can write a sex scene WITHOUT going into detail of the sexual acts themselves. The actual "nuts and bolts" of sex is optional, in my opinion. One could easily lead into the sex itself and then "fade to black" i.e. start again on the next chapter talking about the night before. One could even just have a summary of the actual sex happening but not give a single whit of information about you-know-whats and such-and-such. What I am saying is merely a rough sketch of my thoughts but it is possible, and in my opinion desirable, for me at least, to have the importance and significance of a sex scene WITHOUT the actual sex.

Think I've been here too long: Hey, remember the Adult Story CYOA "Now you're a girl!"? I found myself thinking about how the potential was wasted in the story as one could easily write the guy exploring his new body and it wouldn't even be too outlandish. The thought made me realize I've been hanging around the dark sections of Create Your Own Story for too long. And yet I can't...stop...looking... P.S The sheer scale of spelling and grammar mistakes on this website is just short of "Kill myself by setting myself on fire" depressing. Nobody even tried to double check their work and fix common mistakes. Spell checking isn't hard! Ah, well, guess there's only one thing to do: I call forth the power of Grammarskull! ‎

Too many ideas: I think the biggest problem I have is that I have too many story ideas to work on. There's about 5 CYOSs listed on my introduction page and I have about 15-17 story ideas outside of this website. The sheer amount of content I have planned for all of these ideas is truly staggering. That's why I haven't been able to pull my weight on the collaboration with Teejay over Anime School. Also, this is the month of Ramadan so I won't be able to touch any of the Adult CYOSs until July 7 or, at the very most, July 10. Edit: Heh. You really want to compare? Just say the word.

Common descriptions in CYOS: I've noticed that common breast descriptions are either of the buxom variety or they are commonly described as "small and perky". Are...are small and perky breasts really that popular? Also, the habit of describing breasts by band width and cup size like 52D or 42B is WAY too common around here. Writing is supposed to help you imagine what's been written. Using measurements as descriptions doesn't help visualize breasts as I don't think most people could quickly imagine what the size of the chest is by knowing the bandwidth and cup size like that. I mean, if you're using measurements like height and weight in a profile, it's more acceptable to have breast measurements but it doesn't do to be in the actual narration.

--Fredhot16 17:23 (Louisiana Time), 9 June 2016

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'd rather read about YOUR sexual adventures then the sexual adventures those fictional women with breasts the size of their heads. Also, I don't think they're really trying to learn how women work, just how BEWBS work. Eh, at least they're learning something. I'll give them that. Edit: and by them learning, I was forced to learn it as well! And knowing is half the battle! The other half, apparently, is lots of rampant sex. --Fredhot16 01:17 (Louisiana Time), 11 June 2016

Oh. Ah, well, you see, I wasn't really-I can see why you would think that but-come on, I don't really think that you don't have a life! You look like the coolest boss, yo! You know...just lying on the a dress, gown, negligee, whatever... presumably sleeping off a hangover...well, your "Winnie the Pooh" thing under the pillow looks kinda neat. Also, how long until you get a better internet connection?--Fredhot16 15:57 (Louisiana Time), 12 June 2016

Hey! How do you know I'm not a girl, too?--Fredhot16 16:28 (Louisiana Time), 12 June 2016

Alright, 4 things:

A. Random question: who do you like, Wolverine or Cyclops?

B. Are the pictures you've put on your page pictures of you or just random pictures?

C.Hmmm. Could be a girl. May be I'm just a anthropomorphic "grill". What if I am? Would it matter?

D. You know, I think you just might be one of-scratch that, the only writer on this website I have a inkling of respect for because you're the only writer who actually CARES about her work, who's trying to write. You seem to put more effort in your writing then I've seen in 90% of adult CYOSs and for that, you have my regard.

--Fredhot16 12:44 (Louisiana Time), 14 June 2016 (Will finish later, busy at the moment.)

A. Huh. O.K, I get that. There's actually a explanation for why you might have heard of Wolverine much more. Here's the link: He's the best at what he does and what he does is make gratuitous appearances to artificially hook in readers. I'm more of a Cyclops man but that's mostly because Cyclops gets so little love from fans, he's actually pretty cool, and I truly think that Wolverine is really fucking overrated. I mean, yeah, he deserves some respect but not the goddamn worship he's been getting. It's why I found Wolverine's part in X-Men: Apocalypse to be hilarious as it was basically a cameo!


C. Uuuummmm...I'm not transgender. I'm just a dude trying to mess with you. I do that often in real life. Don't worry, I'll keep your secret. And yeah, I'm of the same mind on transgenders. It only matters to me if someone tries to give someone shit over it. If you're a man in a woman's body or vice versa, it's fine with me. If someone tries to curse you or harm you over that, I'm not gonna let that stand.

D. You're welcome. When Ramadan ends, I'll try to read your stuff for real. I'll be filling the discussion tabs with my comments and, I'll warn you, they may be a bit...caustic. I only mean well, though, and I'll try to be as fair as I can without seeming too harsh or too lenient.

E. Yeah, I'm a Fallout fan. I've played Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, (both on the PC) and Fallout 4 on the PS4. I'm currently playing New Vegas, which I'm really liking, and just starting Fallout 4. Edit: I cut out my previous statement because I realized that I didn't really remember what happened back then and I couldn't read your thing to be sure. But I still believe that it wouldn't really happen. It was just a mercenary and two Institute technicians. I really doubt that the Institute would waste time like that. Also, I'm afraid that my computer wouldn't let Fallout 3 play so I can't really be sure about your depiction of Moira Brown and I can't read the Wasteland Guide anyway because it's Ramadan. Look up Brown's speech about why she's doing this. It might help and even if it doesn't, it's not a bad speech. P.S. Ever thought of trying Fallout New Vegas as part of your Fallout thing? Edit: Here's Moira's speech below:

"Well, look around at the world we live in. It may be okay to you, but I've read about what it used to be like, and this isn't it. So we all need something that keeps us going, despite all the terrible things around us. For me, it's things like this book... did you ever try to put a broken piece of glass back together? Even if the pieces fit, you can't make it whole again the way it was. But if you're clever, you can still use the pieces to make other useful things. Maybe even something wonderful, like a mosaic. Well, the world broke just like glass. And everyone's trying to put it back together like it was, but it'll never come together the same way... the Wasteland Survival Guide isn't much towards that lofty goal, but it's an important one. And that's why I need your help. I don't think I can do it alone."

F. "And yes, I will be writing lots of rape scenes for it, I have been thinking about writing more of these for this site lately. Why rape? Because, you know how many stories I have read on here that the woman is raped, that make me want to scream at the author, or make me honestly a bit scared of some of the people on this site, if they actually view women the way they write? Since it is a prevalent theme in many places here, and since the fallout world would actually be a world where almost every woman would be a victim of it, I want to at least make the readers think about what it is like to be a woman in that situation. Put my readers in my shoes, so they know women are not just some random hole that exists for a penis, but are real, thinking people. That it has dramatic, traumatic effects on someone, to have their body violated. So, I write what many people on here seem to want, but my way." Go ahead. Perhaps I could direct you to some other rape scenes in other works so you could fix them? I'm unfortunately witness to more fictional rape scenes then I want to admit.

G. Erm...(clears throat) I, um, heard something about a, erm, "gangbang". (Blushes) You don't have to if you don't want but I'd like to hear about it. Not now, though. Just around the second week of July, around July 7 or 10.

H. Do swimsuits that become semi-translucent when wet exist in real life or was this a case of "pulling something out of thin air for the sake of sexiness"?

I. Here's a little note about originality from TV Tropes's "So You Want To / Be Original":"The first paradox is that it is impossible to create anything truly "new". One cannot create something from nothing. Every fictional work (with a few exceptions) is based on previous works...The second paradox is to realize that unlimited creative freedom actually puts limits on one's ability to create a story. Conversely, narrowing one's creative options actually helps to make creativity unlimited...;Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'. If you don’t see how people before you made stories, it's very likely that you will unwittingly repeat the same ideas. And even worse, you might think that you were the first to come up with those ideas." Edit: In short, --Fredhot16 13:13 (Louisiana Time), 15 June 2016

Yep. I definitely understand the average CYOS reader or at least the average CYOS writer. God, do I wish I don't. You know, sometimes I wonder, "Why? Why do I get so pissed off at Adult CYOSs? They're not actual stories, I know that they're just made for wanking so why do I care?" Four reasons: Quality concern. Concern for reputation of website. Uncomfortable reading. Love of writing. So, that's why I get so pissed off at the average Adult CYOS. When Ramadan ends, I'm going to go through a plethora of Adult CYOS and give my comments on them. I might seem a bit harsh but I ultimately mean well, for the CYOS and the website as a whole. P.S Do you mind reviewing "Escape from Syria" in the Mature Story section or "The Devil's Daughter" in the Adult Story section?--Fredhot16 11:16 (Louisiana Time), 19 June 2016

By the way, your "cum bath" fantasy isn't all that weird, even by what I've read on this website. Ever wanted to fuck a statue in a museum, try to give a BJ to cliche serial killer who just murdered your boyfriend who you were having sex with at the time, or fuck a werecat? Edit: Let me clarify, those were sexual fantasies that I had found swimming in the dark depths of the Adult CYOS section and by "werecat", I meant a guy who transformed from a human into a cat. Example: Bastet from World of Darkness. --Fredhot16 19:01 (Louisiana Time), 19 June 2016

Honestly, I think it's kinda...garbage. One of the things that piss me off is the writer's idea that seduction means flashing the guy. It's just know. Simple. But hey, don't mind me. I'm just a reader with an opinion.--Fredhot16 19:01 (Louisiana Time), 19 June 2016

The statue sex comes from "Oops! You're Naked!" and from what I remember (no matter how hard I try to forget), the protagonist didn't get turned into a statue but managed to get into a threesome with a guard and the same statue she was fucking and, later on, the protagonist and the guard went to his place to fuck. And it just ends there. The protagonist, by the way, has big breasts and big hips but we know little else of what she has. I like to imagine that's all, just a talking bust and hips. It's goddamn terrifying but I'd rather be scared then bored because it's just the same thing you get in every 4 out of 5 Adult CYOSs. --Fredhot16 15:32 (Louisiana Time), 20 June 2016

Here's my two cents about "The Devil's Daughter": just as your average Adult CYOS is an exercise in hedonism, The Devil's Daughter is an exercise in depravity. --Fredhot16 15:55 (Louisiana Time), 20 June 2016

You've seen this CYOS that's been getting written a lot recently? It's called "ASOIAF Sexy Edition". --Fredhot16 15:59 (Louisiana Time), 20 June 2016

Distraction? Maybe. Don't see how it would work for someone who's right in front of you and I would expect someone trying to use their "womanly wiles" to be more subtle and more intelligent then a drunk college girl.--Fredhot16 16:24 (Louisiana Time), 20 June 2016

The bit with the doctor in Escape from Syria is a bit iffy as we didn't need the description about his...ejaculate.

Yeah, I mentioned the Bastet from World of Darkness because I was hoping you would be interested and try to look it up. You really should look up World of Darkness, it's pretty cool. There's plenty of pdfs on the internet and on Scribd.

You know, I'm not an expert on Satanism but I don't think that Satanists would approve of the protagonist's behavior. Hell, there's actually many types of Satanism like Theistic Satanism, and The Church of Satan, and the Temple of Set. None of them seem likely to enlist hedonistic monsters that try to summon real life demons by any means necessary. I don't think the writer specifies what type of Satanism the protagonist does so I actually think, from the stated goal of the protagonist and the protagonist's cruelties, that she's just enrolled in a typical evil Devil worshiping cult rather then real Satanism. You know, the type of cult that usually ends up as a C grade minor villain in a show like Supernatural.

P.S Sorry for dropping The Devil's Daughter on you. I didn't know how long it was. From your notes, it looks worse then I thought from my first glance. And yet that only makes me more curious about it. Damn it.--Fredhot16 11:37 (Louisiana Time), 21 June 2016

Alright, here's another suggestion for review: The End of the World. Look up Crossed by Garth Ennis. This CYOS is inspired by it...and maybe more then "inspired". --Fredhot16 00:33 (Louisiana Time), 22 June 2016

This might seem...unusual for me to ask but would you play a card game where losing meant you had to lose a piece of clothing?--Fredhot16 10:18 (Louisiana Time), 22 June 2016

I've seen the "End of the World" review. All of your reviews, in fact. You're not doing too bad. Keep going. For your next CYOS, how about "The Life of a Medieval Princess"? It may not good but it's definitely more sane then the one you're doing right now. Sand in a vagina...for God's sake. P.S "End of the World" is more D grade, at best, in my opinion but it does have about three things above the average Adult CYOS such as "Life of a 13 Year Old": there is a story to it, thin as it is, it actually has some semblance of morality, and the protagonist is actually allowed to be noble, courageous, and even heroic. I gotta tell you, that is something I've learned not to expect from Adult Story CYOSs. Nothing against your review, however. I'm just a reader with an opinion, to borrow the catchphrase of an awesome reviewer named SF Debris. --Fredhot16 14:29 (Louisiana Time), 25 June 2016

So was strip poker and naked twister the only type of games you've played or have you played more games like that game where you have a conversation on the phone while having sex and you try not to give any clue that you're having sex at the moment to the person at the other end of the line? P.S. I suppose you haven't told any stories about...erm, naked twister on your blog? --Fredhot16 01:45 (Louisiana Time), 29 June 2016

Could you check on Dungeons and Dragons in the Adult CYOS section and tell me what edition it is?--Fredhot16 19:04 (Louisiana Time), 30 June 2016

Yeah, that's exactly what I needed. Thanks. So, it's about maybe a week or less until Ramadan ends. I don't how to feel about this. On the one hand, I can finally resume my calling on this website (shit-tons of edits and comments in the discussion tabs) and read your stuff. On the other hand...I know that little of the Adult CYOSs on here are worth reading even if only for erotic purposes and that I'll come back to the blasé and caustic attitude I had before Ramadan. The closest analog is, after not having food for a long time, I find a ton of horrible food and I chow it all down but soon, when I'm as full as I can be, I realize what I'm eating and don't touch until I am truly desperate. DirtyMe, I have the feeling that your stuff just might be the only adult CYOSs I'll be really reading on this website. Just five more days, at the very least. --Fredhot16 01:15 (Louisiana Time), 1 July 2016

I've heard that you may have experience with glory holes so I want to know, for my own reasons but if you ask nicely, I'll tell you, can a vagina fit on or through a glory hole?--Fredhot16 02:31 (Louisiana Time), 2 July 2016

Well. Ramadan's long over. I can now read Adult CYOSs. And I don't care about them anymore. I just don't care. I put some serious thought into a one and I found myself wanting to take a shower. The blandness, sleaziness, and quite frankly horribleness killed any real interest I had in Adult CYOSs. Just...I don't want to endure that nonsense anymore. --Fredhot16 09:40 (Louisiana Time), 12 July 2016

The question came from a video on Youtube. Here's the link: I recommend that you watch the rest of the playthrough, it's some great stuff.

P.S You remember Velma from Scooby-Doo? Glasses, orange sweater, always explains the mystery at the end? Yeah, there seems to be a lot of sexual imagery of her on the internet. Just google "velma". You'll find it pretty quickly. I'm not surprised that there is hentai of Velma, just that she seems to overshadow Daphne. (Purple-wearing chick, possible love interest of Freddy (blonde dude, behind all the traps, always splits up with Velma and Daphne)). --Fredhot16 16:12 (Louisiana Time), 4 August 2016

I just looked through "Oops! You're Naked!" and came upon a scene where the protagonist trades sex with two AC workers so she wouldn't have to pay for an AC she broke, eventually devolving into a gangbang when a group of dudes from next door that were having a pool party (or Jacuzzi) jumped over the fence to bang the protagonist in randy vigor. I know that normally I'm pissed at useless sex scenes and protagonists that act like porn cliches in these things but this actually sparked some thought: who actually thinks that that sort of thing works? (I mean the "exchange for sex" thing, not the spontaneous gangbang. The gangbang is so ludicrous, it's kinda obvious that it would never happen in real life.) Here's the thing: the workers, and I don't know if whoever came up with this know this, actually work for SOMEBODY ELSE. The money they get for their services, time, materials, and tools is not theirs. They have to give the money to the AC company they work for. What the hell is their plan when they have to return to their company since the company would KNOW that how much money they would have been paid since the company sent them there in the FIRST PLACE? Congratulations, assholes! Hope you like prison because that's pretty much embezzlement! (I'm serious. They are assholes. They commit a couple of acts of sexual harassment whether the "protagonist" chooses to prostitute herself or not. Start from "Screw it! Today is WAY too hot to stand on principles!" and you'll find what I mean quickly.) --Fredhot16 20:26 (Louisiana Time), 26 August 2016

A. Dirtyme, I have a little theory about the writing here. It might be optimistic or idealistic but I like to think it works here. It's mainly because the "women" and "men" here are nothing in their eyes. They're just fictional. No need to treat them with respect, they're not real people. That's why there's so much misogyny and misandry (notice how the men are written as badly as the women?). I admit, I'm giving a lot of credit here but this is my personal belief.

B. Have you ever considered sex in a costume? You know, either sex with someone who's in a costume or sex while you're wearing a costume?

C. Dirtyme, may I please say something? I don't mean to be rude but I feel that I have to say this since you bring up somewhat often: please stop saying things like "sorry for rambling, will shut up now" or "Anyways, I will STFU now...I know I talk too much, and type too much...". I want to make this absolutely clear, even if I sound like a jerk (because I am kind of a jerk but a good-hearted jerk), I DON'T CARE. I don't care how much you talk. I don't care if you sound whiny. If you want to talk to me, talk to me. Don't worry about if you sound whiny or how much you talk because I don't care. Just say what you want.(Besides, I wouldn't mind if you complained a bit more. I've been doing so much complaining that I feel you need to pick up the slack! (Smiley face)). --Fredhot16 18:05 (Louisiana Time), 2 September 2016

A. O.K, three things:

One- what is a German prostitute costume supposed to look like and how does it look any different then a normal prostitute? I have never heard of that before. They sell that in Taiwan? Edit: I find myself thinking, "they make prostitute costumes?", a question that didn't pop into my mind until today.

Two- yeah, that might be what I had in mind. Would a Santa Clause suit count? And, no, not sexy Santa Clause. A real honest-to-god Santa Clause suit, beard and all. This link explains what I mean and why:

Three- a "pink 'catholic school girl' style outfit"? Didn't know they came out in pink. Does it look good?

B. Have you ever heard of something called "SCP Foundation"? It's a website where, in a sentence, people spend time making up horror stories about a sociopathic Men In Black organization that "Secure, Contain, Protect" supernatural/extra-normal/eldritch anythings, anyones, and anyplaces that violate the known laws of reality. They range from a immortal, invulnerable alien lizard that wants to kill everything to God to the Devil to Bigfoot. Trust me, this website is one of the greatest sources of nightmare fuel on the internet. Hell, I'm surprised there's no CYOSs about SCP. There's Silent Hill, why not this?

Here's a link to many of the scary things that the SCP Foundation has:

Here's a link to the official website:

--Fredhot16 15:45 (Louisiana Time), 5 September 2016

A. Hmm. Sounds like a new fantasy for you to execute. Maybe you could take the comic I gave the link as inspiration...

Yes, I am that kind of guy. (Not someone who hates children, mind. Just a guy who loves messing with people, even if it will take years for the proper reaction (i.e seeing or hearing about the look of disgust as they realize what they witnessed in their childhood.)

B. You don't need to send me a picture but I would not say no. For the purpose of wholesome research, of course. I need to learn how too much pink can be dangerous. Because, you know, TOO MUCH PINK ENERGY IS DANGEROUS! I have to confirm if the Power Rangers were right!

C. Erm, sorry. I kinda thought you were Taiwanese because you mentioned you were in Taiwan. Also, the less we talk about that period of your life, the better. I mean, I'm a Muslim but I feel the urge to blurt the "JC" word. I mean, FUCK.

D. Well, I HIGHLY advise you to take a peek at SCP. If you're a fan of horror, this website will keep you afraid for fucking centuries. There's all types of horror here from Lovecraftian to Slasher to Aliens to simply the terrible realization that humanity, without the SCP Foundation, would be dead long before we got out of our caves. It won't be unreasonable to think that reality is, simply put, deliberately designed to kill us in a dizzying variety of horrible, bone-chilling ways. And our "heroes", our protectors, are actually somewhat monstrous themselves. Sometimes it's for science, sometimes it's out of just basic cruelty, and sometimes it's because it's the only thing to do to protect the majority of humanity.

Here's a few SCP links just for a taste:






SCP-610: (It even has a special name: "The Flesh That Hates".)


Now if it seems like I'm gushing over this, well, you have your fetishes and I have mine. (I am using the word "fetish" as "something that you like" and not in the sexual term. I do NOT get turned on by SCP. Though when I read something especially scary, it's hard to tell if my heart is pounding out of fear or excitement...)

--Fredhot16 10:36 (Louisiana Time), 7 September 2016

Have to be quick, got to work so: Sorry for accidentally blocking your talk, used the "p---phile" word wrongly and not because of your "Loli" story, because of the "sex with Santa Claus" idea. Also, believe exact words were "kind of a jerk but a good-hearted jerk". "A decent jerk" proper term. As have said before, will listen to whatever you say and won't judge. Sincerely sorry if accidentally sounded judgmental. Will look up story when have time. Not sure could provide as much help as want to. Just not sure of my knowledge. P.S Glanced at thoughts and have to say, YOU AIN'T A SOCIOPATH. Don't have experience with sociopaths but prior research says you ain't. Most sociopaths don't wonder or care if sociopath. Will properly respond to your thoughts when have time. Please keep head up, O.K? YOU. ARE. NOT. EVIL. Trust me, fact that you have these thoughts convince me enough. Evil usually doesn't worry about being evil. P.S.S Really appreciate you talking to me. Know that this is personal and hard to unload. Really touched.--Fredhot16 13:36 (Louisiana Time), 8 September 2016

Most people who are crazy are, at the very least, somewhat aware that they are not all there and there are some people who admit their insanity and carry on nonetheless. Two of the defining traits of sociopaths is a lack of empathy, a literal incapability of experiencing a deep or sincere long-term emotional attachment, and an almost unshakable narcissism. Does that sound like you? Also, I was just responding to your thoughts that you were a sociopath. I had only glanced at them at the time, remember?--Fredhot16 7:43 (Louisiana Time), 9 September 2016

Now, here's my proper response to your thoughts.

First of all, I deeply appreciate you talking to me about this. As I had said before, I know this is something profoundly personal and traumatic and it can't have been at all easy to write all of this down. I want you to know that I am deeply moved that you decided to open up to me even if I wasn't the first person you chose to talk to. (Don't worry, I won't take offense. Just glad that you thought of me.) Just...thanks.

Second of all...I think I might have something. I have to warn you though, I'm not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. What I have to say carries a siginifacnt percentage of being dead wrong. With that in mind, here I go.


(Not done. Yet. Trust me, I WILL respond to your thoughts. I just want to be sure of what I say. I'm like that. ) --Fredhot16 8:20 (Louisiana Time), 9 September 2016

So, what are your favorite parts from Fallout? And what type of characters do you usually make for Fallout, skill and personality wise? P.S How funny do you find religious humor? By that, I mean: how funny do you find movies or comics made by religious nutjobs who think that evolution is a religion that makes you think that you're a god and if you don't convert to a specific sect of Christianity, you will either go to hell, become a crazy jerkass who hates Jesus or has never heard of him, or you will try to convert people to Satan or atheism willing and knowingly. Oh, and it doesn't matter what good you do, if you ain't a "True Christian", you are definitely going to get tortured by Satan's horrible turtlenecks, sent there by a giant holy mannequin. --Fredhot16 22:19 (Louisiana Time), 10 September 2016

Yeah, sorry. Something just happened. I can't read your story (or go to your homepage, where did you get that picture?) because of, well, Eid. I think the safest time for me is September 24.

Me, I usually do try for a Good Karma playthrough too but with a more diplomatic approach. If I can talk somebody down, I usually try...unless they deserve a cap in the head. In my opinion, anyway. Me, this may sound childish or Cromagnon but I kinda enjoy the futuristic weapons a lot. Future science as imagined by the 50s was weird but kinda cool. I mean...IT'S FUCKING LAZERS! DR. EVIL FROM AUSTIN POWERS HAD IT RIGHT, NOTHING IS COMPLETE WITHOUT FRIGGIN' LAZER BEAMS! LAZER RIFLES, LAZER PISTOLS, LAZER GATLINGS! Yeah, energy weapons are my favorite weapons in Fallout. There's something SO satisfying about watching your enemies become piles of irradiated ash. I fucking hate some of the enemies, though. God damn Cazadors! I can barely play when those gigantic things start flying around and try to kill you! Seriously, fucking mutated TARANTULA WASPS! Abominations of nature that could cripple a man when they're just two feet long! Imagine what one could and LOOKS LIKE when it's BIGGER then you! Yeah, I hate bugs. Can't stand the things.--Fredhot16 18:13 (Louisiana Time), 13 September 2016

The hell is wrong this website? It went down for four days! And in those four days, I found some rather...trippy shit on the internet. I'll tell you about them because I, too, like to do strange things just to see how others will react. It's my hobby.

1. Google "Dinosaur Rape" and you'll come up to three equally insane results: a Cracked article about "The 5 Creepiest Sex Scenes in Comics" (read that, if only for the dinosaur rape in a ACTUAL published comic by DC) and “Jurassic World” Gets A Bizarre X-Rated Gay Dinosaur Rape Remake" AND the dinosaur erotica series "Ravaged by the Raptors" on Amazon! The last one is just...I know that there is an infinite amount of fetishes out there, covering every possible thing that can be sexualized from ants to plants to spiders but...I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea that someone out there, another person who was NOT the writer, thought that was something that people would want to read, something that people would want to BUY! It's not even like the stuff on this website when it's mostly a single writer who's horny. More then one person, actual professionals who do this as their JOB, had to choose to let this pass and had the AUDACITY to try to SELL this crap!

2. Ever wanted to watch a porno about the biblical city of sin, Sodom and Gomorrah, where God striking down a city of profligates in holy wrath for their perversions is actually a monkey in a space ship who sounds like John Wayne and only speaks in random sound bites like Bumblebee in the Transformers live-action movies with a random dude who's presence is never explained and who wants to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because, and I quote, "they're liberal assholes!" This is so insane, it's almost beautiful. I wish there was an actual movie that was about this monkey's adventures throughout space, messing with planets and killing people because they want higher taxes or something. Come on, Hollywood, you let the Michael Bay Transformers movies get released, let the public see this one! If you want to watch it, look up "Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days".

P.S Erm, I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't asking for you to change your picture, I was saying that I couldn't see it then. I still want to know where that picture came from. You can put it back if you want to. --Fredhot16 15:28 (Louisiana Time), 19 September 2016

Alright, alright, I get it. Don't worry about me. You know, I have a lot of good books on my laptop. If you want, I can email you my recommended books if you want anything new to read and to get inspiration or help from. TV Tropes So You Want To guides can also help you, trust me on that.

But I have to tell you something. Dirtyme, I...I found something. I found something that I never thought I would ever find. I thought that what I found was only to be found on this website and by amateur smut writers. I thought that this wasn't something that somebody would have actually tried to pull on the public again for 19 BOOKS! I...I thought writers who actually WRITE for a living had better standards then this, that they HAD to have better standards if only so that they could make money! JK Waylon has managed to write 19 books and in EVERY. SINGLE. LAST. BOOK. He has managed to capture the absolute essence of the average writer on this website from writing quality to the myopic focus on sex and sex and FUCKING SEX to the shameless depiction of rape and sexual extortion and assault without ANY fucking real repercussions and trying to make it a fucking NORMAL part of their life to the cliche characters who are all are kinda horrible people (my theory is that they're horrible people so that we won't feel bad when they get raped), "heroes" included, to the horrible depiction of women as sex-crazed whores who would bend over for anybody when hit with ANY sexual contact (that part, I am NOT kidding, that is a real detail) and men as rape-happy perverts who will have sex with any girl no matter what and can not, under any circumstances, take their eyes off a woman's ass or chest or mentioning them and, if they manage to subdue a woman, will happily sell her to sexual slavery or rape her themselves or even force any women they find into prostitution! Dear lord, when I first found this, I started looking for a PDF of this and stumbled upon and found a free sample of one his books. After looking through that sample, I had to look through all the free samples of the rest of the series just to find out if ALL of his books are like this and THEY WERE! If you don't believe me or think I'm just exaggerating or overreacting, the link is below for you to read and may God be with you if you do. --Fredhot16 16:42 (Louisiana Time), 17 October 2016

Thanks for the website and for the info but I think I might have made a mistake. When I said that she thinks "that her chest is larger then she'd like for it to be though there is no reason given for her distress", I didn't mean that she should have NO reasons to not like having large breasts. I understand that having big breasts does come with troubles of its own: physical discomfort and possible scoliosis because, you know, fun bags actually have WEIGHT, believe it or not, undue attention and back-biting from people who think she's a slut, great difficulty to find clothes, etc. Hell, I knew all this before I wrote that line. What I was trying to say neither Asa's thoughts nor her actual spoken words nor the narration actually PROVIDE a reason for why she doesn't like her sweater meat, just that she wants them smaller, no explanation. It'd be fine if it was connected to how they hinder her in whatever sport she plays (that's never mentioned, by the way. We don't know what sport she actually plays or WHY she's athletic) as there are real world cases of female athletes getting breast reduction surgery because they're a hindrance and an actual pain like tennis player Simona Halep but, once again, nothing of the sort was provided for the reader. She just wants a smaller rack for the lulz, apparently.

Also, Asa, according to the Classmate List, is apparently a B-Cup, no numbers. (Weirdly enough, this is what I kinda meant when I said that breast measurements belong in the profile and not in the actual story as, well, information like that is too...pedantic to fit well in the narration and it belongs somewhere where height, weight, and eye color are usually listed. You know, trivia stuff.) Now, I know that she could still have what could be considered a "big" bust as cup size doesn't represent volume but how much bigger the breasts are then the rib cage (numbers are for the rib cage) and knowing JUST the cup size isn't a good way to determine breast sizes. D30 breasts have the same volume of a C32 and a 32D has the same cup volume as a 38A. (Another thing: bra sizes are different all around the world. A 32B in the U.S is a C70 in Japan, for example, so a 34A cup in the U.S would be a B75 in Japan. Oh, and apparently, you're a D75 in Japan. Good for you, I guess.) So it is in the realm of possibility that Asa DOES have a bust big enough to be troublesome in whatever sport she plays for whatever reason. How it's written and conveyed is shameful, however. --Fredhot16 08:36 (Louisiana Time), 18 October 2016

Hey, DirtyMe. Mind if I ask you a "real talk" question? it offensive to be apathetically tolerant towards transgender people? I'm not transphobic, I just don't care if you're a man in a woman's body or a woman in a man's body. That has no factor towards my perception or relationship with you. It's on the same level as what type of soda you like to drink. If you like Pepsi, that's fine. If you like Coca-Cola, that's fine. The type of soda you like is a neutral factor to me and so how you feel about your gender. I feel uneasy about this however. I don't know how to describe it but it doesn't feel like real tolerance. It's not out of compassion, or so it seems, it's out of indifference, a sort of stolid nonchalance. I don't normally care if you're man who has been born with a vagina, it only matters to me if someone tries to give you shit about it. Your gender is your own damn business and anybody trying to fuck you over that is nothing less but a walking human-shaped piece of shit. That...feels wrong, somehow. Something that I know is a huge and incredibly complicated issue with some people just...doesn't register as something to care too much about until somebody acts like an asshole over it. It almost feels...callous. Stony-hearted. Cold. And while I'll admit that I can be a bit...lukewarm, I don't want to be cold, especially over something like this. Well? Ball's in your court, DirtyMe. (Yeah, I copied this from Teejay's but it's just out of convenience.) --Fredhot16 17:08 (Louisiana Time), 21 October 2016

Hey. Can I ask you a question? you ever get tired of sex?--Fredhot16 11:09 (Louisiana Time), 31 October 2016

A. For your question about the trangender response, here's my response: thanks for answering. That's kinda somewhat of the same answer I got from Teejay but if you could get more info from your sister-in-law, that'd be great.

B. For the "get tired of sex" question: you know what? Forget it, I shouldn't have asked. It was a stupid question and I should have realized that. Of course you would get tired of sex, you're an actual HUMAN. I only asked because while there are days where I'm as horny as the next guy, there are days when I find absolutely ZERO appeal in sex. Those days, sex seems highly overrated and very ugly. What's so great about a guy sticking some weird, bulbous appendage into the hole of another body? It sounds and LOOKS painful. I know how it sounds but I'm a strange dude. But really, thanks for being patient and taking the time to answer the question, stupid as it was. It was a thoughtless question and I should never have asked. But thanks for answering.--Fredhot16 11:09 (Louisiana Time), 31 October 2016

Read your message to Teejay yesterday. I just sent you an email containing a lot of books that I think are pretty good. The Agatha Christie ones, especially, are the ones I consider "human" stories because while they're mystery stories, they're about solving the mystery through the analysis of human nature. Trust me, they're the books you want for "human" stories. It's not an online hug and some positive energy like Teejay but I don't think it's too bad. Oh, fuck it, Here's some anyway. (Hug) --Fredhot16 13:45 (Louisiana Time), 25 November 2016

Hey, Dirtyme. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine wasn't bad although my family had to deal with another family of four (cousins from Texas) staying over for a couple of days so I had to sleep on the couch. The couch was pretty damn comfortable, though. There was even a trip to New Orleans! I hope you're enjoying the books I emailed you.---Fredhot16 11:21 (Louisiana Time), 28 November 2016

Hey, I know this is a weird question but what would you do and how would you feel if you were suddenly a man?---Fredhot16 14:57 (Louisiana Time), 5 December 2016

Apologies for the question and how I phrased it. It just came to me because I once hand an idea for a genderbent CYOA but it didn't go anywhere mostly because I couldn't come up with a reason for it to happen out of the blue. Honestly, I think it was, shamefully, inspired by that CYOA where the protagonist got turned into a girl and didn't give two shits about it. There's so many things wrong with that CYOA...---Fredhot16 8:28 (Louisiana Time), 5 December 2016

A. Hey. I'd like to ask you to check my ideas for character personalities on Teejay's discussion page (under Collaboration with Fredhot16 over Anime School) and give me your opinion on each character I've written for. Writer or reader, whichever perspective you want. Just please be detailed in your opinions. Take your time if you need to.

B. Well, Darky left a message asking me if I wasn't going to edit his stories anymore. Then he just...poof. I haven't seen or heard of him on this website since. Just wondering where he went. I don't think I had an spat with him like you're thinking.

C. Erm, thanks, but I don't think it's feminine to want substance. I know what you meant, though. Let me boil down my thoughts on the matter in one sentence: I want to care. That's all. I want to care about the sex. I want to care about the people having sex. I want to care about the characters in general. That's one of the goals in writing: to make you care about what you're reading. If the reader don't care then why should the reader want to keep reading? It's like the lightsaber fights in the Star Wars Prequels: they look cool but without any emotional investment, it really ain't worth shit. It's just nothing more then but meaningless spectacle. And even then, the "spectacle" ain't worth much in these stories. The sex is kinda terrible, I'm afraid to say. ---Fredhot16 12:01 (Louisiana Time), 23 December 2016

Yeah, I've decided that, for the first time in Create Your Own Story history, there will a Adult CYOA that will have absolutely NO sex scenes! I'm not interested in writing such stuff and I shouldn't have tried to burden you with my work. Besides, Adult CYOSs don't need to be smutty to be "adult". I intend to prove that with "Anime School". So, how are you? How was New Years? Update: So. Do I take that scene you made for me as an acceptance of my previous offer?:-) Honestly, I would prefer you to write sex scenes in "Anime School" if you would write like that. ---Fredhot16 7:29 (Louisiana Time), 20 February 2017

So. How did you get on this website in the first place and why did you decide to write on here?---Fredhot16 8:46 (Louisiana Time), 24 February 2017

That red-haired girl? There's THREE red-haired girls! Also, that red-haired pervert, Amari Riko? Yeah, I didn't write down the path you're talking about. That was the original writer's path. I actually want to purge that path from the story, that path and all the other paths the original writer made. It's because of bad writing and because I want to try to make it more "mine". I'm even thinking of changing the name of this story since, let's be frank, the title is rather...shoddy.

Though if I were to write a character with some characteristics as reference to you, it would be Banno Miyako. I was thinking about making her what is considered a "ethical slut" (there's actually a book with that name!) and I might include some tenets of your sexual philosophy. Would you mind? ---Fredhot16 9:11 (Louisiana Time), 7 March 2017


I just wanted to thank you for the friendly help you offered me a few days ago, I am really new to writing stories in this format so it is taking me a while to get a handle on all the correct ways to link things together. It is really nice to have someone looking out for these thing. P.S. I only just figured out how to respond to a message so that's why it's taken me this long to thank you. I am really happy to take advice from people on how to do things, hope I am a good student. By the way I am not sure how the signature thing works so I hope this works... --Darkfry 13:38, 31 May 2016 (UTC)

Yes, I am over 18, I'll give some thought to your Exhibitionist story, no serious ideas right now but I am sure can think of something you would enjoy writing (; --Darkfry 08:02, 2 June 2016 (UTC)

I am not too sure how you want the option formatted, I left you an option under the link you have created on the stories front page. Hope you have fun.--Darkfry 10:36, 2 June 2016 (UTC)

That is a rather interesting piece of information, I suppose the symbolism is something I could consider working into the story, the story is supposed to be location neutral (it could be in any country), so it does need to relate to a broad variety of cultures, and things like that can add depth. I hope you are enjoying the story so far. Glad someone is reading it. :) --Darkfry 10:57, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

So I wanted some advice on a couple of things, is creating sub categories for your story an issue? Basically the story is told from 2 perspectives ie, that of Hart and Yale. I want to have a separate category for each although maintain the main category as well for each ie. each page would link to 2 categories. Would this be frowned upon? Secondly if I want to change the name of a page link, is it okay to simply copy the content from the old link into a new link and delete the content in the old link, or does that leave a mess behind for someone else to clean up? Is the a better way of moving the content? Thanks in advance. --Darkfry 19:59, 20 June 2016 (UTC)

Thank you again, I am thinking of updating all my pages to have a unique identifier to the story although I must say it does bug me that in the category index page all the pages are then listed with the story header prefixed it is a pity that there isn't a way for the index to show a chosen page title. Would it be terrible to index it with a post-fix identifier, as instead of "Hyde Road - Go to next page" it was "Go to next page - Hyde Road". Is that too non-conformist of me? Anyway I think I have the subcategory thing understood now except I seemed to have some issue in getting it to list the subcategory under the correct letter in the main categories index as in I wanted it to list Hyde road - Carla Yale under C not H but I couldn't seem to get that right. Anyway main reason I want to add the subcategory is I want to create a set of pages that would basically be my background notes. I would like to have a bunch of pages that explain the world as well as bunch of random story facts that I need to keep track of while writing but don't want them to show up in the main index, but rather under the sub-index, if that isn't too confusing. I don't really want the average reader to be reading them by accident because they will have spoilers in them, but I would like them available online. I am presuming that it wouldn't be a problem for these pages only to have the subcategory as their category. Again sorry for all the questions, and thank you for taking the time to answer. I am trying to add little bit by little bit to the story so afraid it's taking me quite some time to get it all down, but I think it is getting there.--Darkfry 08:56, 27 June 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, I did try that but it isn't working the way I would have expected, when I type it like that it puts the tile of the page in the subcategory under C but in the main category the subcategory remains unchanged. So basically under Hyde Road, the page "attempt to start a conversation" is listed in A but in Hyde Road - Carla Yale it is listed under C. What I want is Hyde Road - Carla Yale. I don;t know maybe I broke something :/ I'll update all the Carla Yale pages and see if it fixes it... --Darkfry 10:12, 27 June 2016 (UTC)

Yes, I am following how it works, so it's working as intended. Unfortunately I was trying to do something slightly different so that's where the confusion is coming in I think. I think I know where I went wrong. Will get back to you in a second. --Darkfry 10:25, 27 June 2016 (UTC)

Alright, sorry I had to disappear, the world was ending, sort of. Anyway, yes I understand the whole where the category name is coming from... was a bit of a stupid from my side. The category page gets it's category name from category listed in the subcategories index page... which is obvious when I think about it... anyways thank you, you helped me understand it a lot better.--Darkfry 14:31, 27 June 2016 (UTC)


I'm following basically the same rules as you but I decided to work from Z to A under the assumption a lot of people start moving things to the pit and give up way before they get to the end. I did find a story from 2011 with less than 20 pages somewhere under 'Y' I think. -- Hellspawn 9:00 29 May 2016 GMT

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for editing may talk/about me what so ever. I m just getting started with this whole "wiki" thing. ... And to prove it I nearly messed up your talk page. nearly. --Zehir 16:44, 6 June 2016 (UTC)--

Thanks for the notes and advice. Very much appreciated. Really wasn't looking to get into a flame war with anyone, but also would expect more of a welcome to the site than what I got. Hoping to simply move on and not be chased out. --Bardo75 02:51, 29 June 2016 (UTC)

When you get a chance, please check out the new story I've started on. It's called Just Say Yes. Clearly just at the beginning stages, but would really appreciate your feedback. --Bardo75 21:43, 5 July 2016 (UTC)

I took your comment about the wife having an affair and decided to run with it. Ended up taking an unexpectedly dark turn, but that's what I love about writing. You never really know where you're going to end up. --Bardo75 03:50, 6 August 2016 (UTC)


Ah, I didn't really know the protocol. I tried reading the rules to make sure I was doing everything right. I'll revert it for now and leave a message asking about it.--Underside 14:28, 14 July 2016 (UTC)

Yeah, I'm getting the timeout error too. I'm trying to add an explanation to the main index to show where to edit. Also can you define "notoc" for me?

Okay, yeah the table of contents was ugly with the linked row. I'm halfway through reverting pages again. There goes a bunch of work down the drain. :p --Underside 02:22, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

I put everything back. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I think it just ended up being needlessly complicated. :( I looked at your system for The Review. Have you considered using the story name for your link, pagecount and name of review? You could probably format the template to use one variable for all of it.--Underside 02:51, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

Yeah, I saw that it looks the same after it parses. I'm thinking you could simplify the template though. Like: {{The Review|story=The End of the World|synopsis=While it may not be the end of the world, it is the end of life as we know it. Can you survive the infection ravaging your town? Can you find love or happiness if you do?}}}} but use the story variable to define the other links. I don't know if it's possible with the restrictions on the wiki though. You're probably way more experienced on here than I am, I've already learned a lot of things the Tutorial doesn't cover. Would you mind if I took a crack at making a more concise Review template for practice?

I forgot to timestamp my last message, sorry. I made a quick Adventures at Hogwarts review and tried to add to the list. It shows what I meant by more concise template. Feel free to scrap it if it doesn't fit. --Underside 04:18, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

I'm not sure I'm making myself clear. I wasn't talking about the content of the reviews, just the formating of the template. I've spent far more time on this site formatting and fixing typos than writing or reading the stories. I'm not sure what you meant by "Now I know what you mean by the review itself, not the template on the pages." I thought it was clear that I am talking about the template. I'm trying to give people the same amount of information by doing less typing. I'll demonstrate what I mean with the first few entries on the PG-13 list. I've changed them to use the same template as my Adventures at Hogwarts review. I'm going to have to get to bed, but I've been enjoying our discussion. --Underside 04:56, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

Your welcome. I'm pretty new to wikis, this being the first one I've tried editing, but I've got years of experience in a few programming languages so things like that are going to stick out for me. I'm still learning the limitations of how I can edit here. I was looking for a simple place to work on an IF story but got caught up learning all the syntax and wiki etiquette. --Underside 05:43, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

I added a few pages to the /Batch section. It's all really basic stuff but it should help get people started. It still needs a bunch of work but it's more informative. --Underside 04:05, 16 July 2016 (UTC)

Yeah, I tried a few different things looking for a workaround for that twenty minute interval between including an outside url. If I add them all at once but can access them separately through a template it saves time. There's probably a limit to how much you can add before it takes a toll on the server though.--Underside 13:54, 18 July 2016 (UTC)


Wow, look who's (semi?) back! Nice to hear from you again. I haven't been in this site for ages, either. I guess life has its way of keeping us busy. Well, just wanted to drop a message to say hello. --Completionist 04:33, 9 August 2016 (UTC)


I could write a sex scene for you but I'm not sure if you'd like it very much! I've here written two paragraphs of an analysis of my own failures at using language in a very pithy way to demonstrate how intensely frustrating a sex scene by me would sound like:

Words are stippled ardours of sedulous crevices upon many occasions; a common opinion not a great amount of cognizance occurs when the vapid breath of curtsying literacy in its traditional sense is venerated. This argument is generally presented in some such manner and figure: a position completing lofty wayfaring to several high places of what must be common sense to these people, it may appear. This does not seem to appear in the right lustre, and upon further analysis it could be a highly acerbic and of riveted, challenged surface.

Consider that precipice they find themselves to reside, presumably looking down: an easy retort would be an analysis of difference in the abode of the house of words. A quick riposte, indeed jovially succumbing to what may be thought of as a more caliginous act encapsulating a wide expanse of nocturnal void would be to say with much of a surgical tone that "they are simply using different words to subjugate the people who use different words to them". This opinion is a haven; it takes little to find sufficient drive to support this riposte. Other opinions abstracted from subtle texts to get these pithy people to count again are as typhoon-like and varied as the gaze of the flux itself. We can also find that they are too difficult to understand, in this very masked sense. Is there indeed no talent to inducting a specific obsolete sequence of words, as there is in painting a picture of indelible mirth? Floating upon a nimbus of caution when this is said seems necessary, but later: find out just how easy it is to create the meaning of new amalgams of characters. At best: such conception only assumes an intermediate difficulty, and all one need do is apprehend theory. If the world more akin to thin streaks of emerald lines: hyper-reality would be a much easier practice, but words have hitherto remained as such for a practical speed of forever. Heathin 07:53, 4 September 2016 (UTC)

That was indeed a sort of text; it may not have been in the format uniformly conceding to a tale, but instead it wears an analytical suit when ogled thoroughly. Observe this closely, and you'll find it is a mark on the relation between text and aesthetics; a bijou mark I scratched out all by my little self Heathin 09:56, 7 September 2016 (UTC)


Replied on my talk. Thanks. Spider 06:51, 9 March 2017 (UTC)

To be honest, it's not really a legal issue that's preventing CYOS or a similar website from hosting stories featuring underage sex. The content itself isn't illegal under US federal laws, and hosting providers are granted immunity from liability under 47 U.S.C. § 230 for publishing information provided by others. It's more because CYOS doesn't exist in a vacuum - the society in which CYOS exists in frowns upon anything sexualizing minors and views the people who do so unfavorably. It'll draw attention and potentially trigger investigations, even if such investigations end up finding nothing. It's also about the company you keep. A website which places absolutely no restrictions on stories featuring underage sex is going to attract a large and questionable audience, which causes issues.
To answer your specific question, I think we could create a separate category called "Real Life Stories" , "Live the Life of" , or something similar. The premise being stories in these categories reflect the real-world experiences of the writer and allows others to make the choices the writer made. It could be a way for writers to think about what could have happened and how choices can affect outcomes. For these real life stories, I think suspending the previous ban on certain types of content would be appropriate if it's necessary to accurately reflect what happened. It doesn't make any sense for us to force the author to change aspects of his or her story if it's not what happened. Think of these as interactive biographies.
The process of actually moving content shouldn't be too hard and it would also be the perfect time to check the stories for grammar and inappropriate content before being moved. Standardized templates to assist in navigation and other features can be built too. Spider 15:14, 9 March 2017 (UTC)

I think I got it to work now, thank you!

New Talk with Kyre

I know, it's been some time. I kinda got out of the writing feel. I read your Guide though. I'm not that into writing erotica for Fallout 3, so it wouldn't really be something I help continue, but I did enjoy your mole rat story. You're still an excellent writer, same as ever. I'm focusing on my two new stories, which I think for now, I'll work on alone, but feel free to ask me for any contributions, I'd be happy to help.

Your stuff just gets more depressing. I'm pretty young, so I tend to keep it rather light hearted, but maintain a serious writing. I still think you works are all good. As for "whining", don't even mention it. It's a pleasure to talk to you, even if I know virtually nothing about you, you seem cool.

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