It's programming time!/Batch

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@echo Hello Batch!

So, not sure what to say about batch. It has been around a really long time, but I have only been learning how to use it within the last couple years. The first warning: This is for Windows. Sorry, I do not know how to do it for other OSes.

So, batch files make things really easy, that might be more difficult. For example, I turn all my ebooks into HTML, so I can read them on my browser instead of on some ebook reader. The hardest part is setting up the ebook format. With batch, I am able to just edit a file, click something, and poof, all the formatted pages are created. Then I just copy and paste the text from the ebook into each chapter page.

Anyways, that is a little advanced. Where would you like to start with batch programming?

(I am more advanced, so need to go through some basic tutorials so I do not get too far too fast, like my example above xD I will add options as I go through tutorials)

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