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PG13 Stories

FOR 10+: For more advanced readers. Please keep these G - PG-13. Please remove any content that exceeds this.

Story Author(s) Number of pages Notes
2012 Erianie 33 (Public)
A Room for 2 Dwarftopia 8 (Private)
A Superhero Adventure SgtNumnum 60 (Public)
Adventure in the City TeamJack100 37 (Public)
Adventures at Hogwarts Dramalvr325 19 (Private)
Adventures in Aincrad TheCheshireCat 12 (Private)
The Adventures of Connie Maheswaran (a Steven Universe CYOA ) Niamenite399 2 (Private)
The Adventures of St. Pigeonations Shedanigan 19 (Private)
The Adventures of Wiki High School! Sims2freak 3 (Private)
Adventurous adventures in adventure land 5raptorboy 3 (Public)
An Adventure Syberiyxx 22 (Public)
Becoming a creepypasta AmberSummers 9 (Private)
The Adventures of Pinaria4 Under Construction Private for now (Just started on my first Adventure.)
Adventures in Space 40 edit respectfully)
Airport Standoff23 (wip dont edit only me and clay)
The Creaking House WIP Do not edit content yet
Along the Way to Town 5 Private (for now)
The Amazing Adventure 40 pages DO NOT EDIT!!
The American Revolution38 (Work In Progress PLEASE DON'T EDIT)
Animal Crossing: A Story of RomanceWIPNot Open At The Moment
Apocalyptic zombie attack 27 (Public)
Artist's Adventure 9 Private WIP Please don't edit yet.
At the Mall with Weevil 15+ Charlotte5 currently editing; WIP)
Atom Kid (a super hero adventure) 30+(Public)
Avast! A Pirate Story 180+ WIP, contact me before editing)
Average Guy 20+ (Public)
Axquirtel General 27+(Public W.I.P, no typos or bad grammar)
The Bat, the Bird, and the Cat
Becoming friends with a Wild horse20 (WIP)
Black Heart3 (WIP DO NOT EDIT)
The Band 9+ (Public)
Basic American Teen13(Public)
A basic, normal, Create-Your-Own-Adventure Or Piano Lessons 30+(Public)
The Battle of the Best 24+ (Public)
Boromir's Quest (an LOTR adventure) 90+ (Public)
The Boss 35+ (Public)
Bravery 5+ (WIP, please don't edit without permission)
Character Creation 50+(Public)
The Chosen 20+ (WIP, please refrain from editing)
Clarity 9+ Private, please don't edit!!
Clash of Clans: Sweet Revenge WIP Private, DO NOT EDIT! Please do not edit as I already have a complete plan of the story!
Class Dissmissed3 (WIP)
Classic Roguelike6 (WIP, Please do not edit!)
The Clown 50+ (Public)
Create a Character for The ShipWIP private
Create your own world 6(Public)
Crazy Fantasy Adventure 15+ (Public)
Cross the Street 11 (Public)
Crusader (an action-adventure fantasy) 337 (Public)
Crusader 2: Paladin 375+ (Public)
Crystal Spires 19(WIP Do NOT edit)
Cyberspace Invaders11 (Public)
DARKNESS 100+ (Public)
The Day 2 (Public)
A Day as a Hobo 15+
A Day At The Races 16 completed story, do not edit)
A Day in the Life (An action adventure story) 45 (Public)
A day in the life of a demigod5 (Public)
Day In the Life of a Total Loser 15(Public)
A Day In Hogwarts School 35 public
Day of Doom10+ Do not edit please By Allbis.
A Day of not Dying 38 (Public) (Please DON'T edit without permission)
Dead Kid 100+ (Public)
Dragon Destruction 0(Public,Please Edit!)
Death by zombies 40+(Public)
Desperation 5 private
Detective Ryan 1: Life Crystal 13(W.I.P) Please don't edit
Digimon Adventure 03 15+(Public)
Digimon Transverse 40+(Public)
Dirt biking in the trails6 (WIP)
A Disney Princess for a Day 5 (WIP, Private please)
A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free 7 Ultrabookworm editing; contact via discussion page before editing, please
The Dog House 3+(Public)
Dr. Dero's Journey 10+(Public)
Dr. Who's Life 8+(Public)
Dragon Ball Adventure 24+(Public)
Dragonball Z Adventure 24(DO NOT EDIT )
Dragon's Life7(Public)
Dungeon (A CLASSIC DUNGEON CRAWL!)34+(Public)
Dungeons and Dragons: Tyrrinia (Loosely based on D&D version 3.5) 14 (WIP -- Please Do Not Edit)
Dungeons and Dragons; Your Story 0 (WIP and 1st story--please don't change without permission ^^)
Dungeon Master 2 UNDER CONSTRUCTION private
Easily Random20+(Public)
Elder Fable300+(W.I.P please do not edit without permission)
Endless Possibility20(Public)
Enter the Tower of God - a story based on Manhua "Tower of God"0(Under construction - please do not edit without permission)
Escaping Beelzebub16(Public)
Element 28(Public)
Element Redux 9(Public)
Elements of the Earth 3 (Public), but see the guide before editing.
ENF 7 Please do NOT edit. Feel free to add suggestions in the talk page.
An Epic Adventure 50+ NO EDITING PLEASE. Feel free to play!
Escape the Complex 1 private (please do not edit)
Evolution (an adventure of insignificance) 25+(Public)
Evolution II 20(Public)
Faire Isle Adventure 24+ (WIP, Feel Free To Read But Please Do Not Edit)
Falling Free 2 (WIP - PLEASE DO NOT EDIT)
Fantasy Quest 110+(Public)
Fight for Liberty and Freedom54 (WIP Please do not edit.)
Fire in the Skies 0 (WIP - Please do not edit)
food chain train 9(Public)
Footsteps 4 (Please do not edit, WIP)
Forbidden Love 0 (WIP Please do not edit.)
Four Arches 28+ (Edit only with my Consent)PLEASE-READ
Freedom 42(Public)
Free Fall 0 (Do not edit (Will be public after I lay out the basics))
The Furr Adventure 6+(Public)
Genesis 29(Public)
The Ghost Strip 15 private
Grasstealth 5+(Public)
The Great Adventures of Veredin 12(WIP, Please don't edit.)
Greek Hero10 WIP PRIVATE
Greek Myth25(Public)
Harry Potter and The Twist of the Wizard
Haunted Elementary20+ WIP, please don't edit)
Haunted Mountain5 New, please don't edit
Hero of Fillandria0+(Public)
High School 23+(Public)
High School Mayhem 3 Private - Please do not edit - WIP
Hobo Sapiens32+(Public)
HoboPalooza7 (WIP Please do not edit)
Hogwarts Life 0 Public (Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. when editing)
HorizonZ 0(Public)
A How to Train Your Dragon Fan Adventure 2 Semi-Public (read rules)
Hunger Games Choose Your Path 12+ Private
Hunting again for Red October 100+(Public)
iCarly Wikia 4 (WIP. DO NOT EDIT.)
Imara's life in the naruto world 16(Public)
Infection141 (DO NOT EDIT)
Infinty (do not edit previously written pages)
Is Hunger Your Game? 50+ DO NOT EDIT
It begins in the shed2 WIP PRIVATE
It's Create Your Own Adventure Time! 55(Public)
James Camp 10+ Private for now (just gettin' started, just me and neaptide on this one, please and thanks)
Jo-Ann the Librarian (a Comedy) 30+(Public)
Jimmy's Big Adventure9(Public)
Judas Priest, Professional Amateur Detective4(private
Jurassic Park Adventure 13 (Private)
Keyblade Academy3(Public)
Kidnapped! 26(Public)
The Kitty Thief13(Public)
Les rois mages (The Three Kings) WIP Private
LIFE ANEW3(Public)
Life of a queen2+ (Do not edit)
Life of a rat 20+(Public)
The Life of a School Kid 30+ (Public)
Lifestyle Transformation 1+ Private
The Light in the Wood 11+(Public)
Little Miss Disaster 19+(Public)
Lina Popintop's Adventure10(Work In Progress PLEASE DO NOT EDIT)
Livin' like a hobo38(Do not edit)
A Lotr adventure 15+ Please don't edit without permission
LoA's Adventure 15+(Public)
LOTW (Choose your own Lord of the Rings)3(Public)
The Lost World0 WIP, please don't edit yet.
Love and fireballs 58(s''s not done yet, don't edit,k?)
A love story 9(Public)
Mad Science Club31(Under construction, please do not edit yet.)
A Magesword's Journey 4(Public)
Magic Keyboard7(Public)
Mall Bunny15(Public)
The many rooms 223(Public)
Mario's many adventures 20+(Public)
Married Life 10 New, Please Do Not Edit)
Medieval Life 11(W.I.P. Don't Edit This)
Mega Adventure RPG 2(Public)
The Memory Makers36(A Science Fiction game about a young man who can't remember his past. WIP--Please DO NOT Edit!)
Minotaur's Laberynth 18+(Public)
The Mirror 20(Public)
Morrowind (An exciting action adventure) 25+
My Little Pony: Adventures is Magic 7+ (Work In Progress DO NOT EDIT!)
My WWE 47(Public)
The Mysterious Facility 3 DO NOT EDIT! Private Work!!!
The Mystical quest for Technochocolate 10+(Public)
Myth Maze 1Do not edit
Nancy's Notable Narratives 39+WIP, please don't edit!
A Normal Life 5(Public)
Naruto Dating (Girl Version) (Romance) 12 WIP, so do not edit)
Naruto Dating (Guy Version) (Romance) 5(WIP... just started, don't edit!)
Naruto's Friend, you0+(Public)
Believe It (Naruto Love Story) (Romance) 5 WIP, do not edit)
A New Exciting Adventure 27(Please do not edit)
New kid 2( under construction. Don't edit.)
Night9(Do not edit/WIP)
Nightcaps 10+(Public)
Nintendo Quest12(Public)
Niro4(Just started, please don't edit quite yet)
No more underwear 5(Public)
The Odd Town of Lua 0 (WIP, Private)
Of Tumbleweeds And Teenagers 4(Public)
Okami: Choose your own adventure 16 Private DO NOT EDIT PLEASE!
The Old Sinclair Estate 3 (WIP) (need help making chapters longer)
The One Ring10W.I.P Do not edit or delete anything as of yet!
Orga Dies at the End 0 (WIP)
Organisation 30+WIP-DO NOT EDIT!!!!!
Organism 16+ WIP, please DO NOT EDIT, Thank you.
OurWorld0(Private WIP)
Pac Man VS E.C.7(Public)
A Penguin Named Evan 15+(Public)
Phoenix Wright: A new adventure 25+W.I.P. DO NOT EDIT!
Pick Pocket8(WIP Do Not Edit)
Pirates! A High Seas Adventure50+(Public)
Pirates of the Caribbean (action-adventure) 50+(Public)
Planet of the Apes15+(Public)
Pokémon5W.I.P No editing.
pokemon academywip dont look yet im finishing it
Pokemon Ranger: Lavender Nightmare12(Public)
My Pokemon Adventure 23(please do not edit)
Pokemon: Canatran Region Adventures! 2 (WIP) And no Editing, Please
Pokemon Legends47(W.I.P. Don't edit)
Pokemon - Your Adventure 45+(Public)
Pokemon - Kanto Adventure 5(Public)
Pokemon - A Trip Through Time 0(Semi-Private. Ask before editing.)
Prank War 7 (Public)
Puppy Love8(Don't edit)
Quest for the CANDY 8(Public)
Quest Life9(W.I.P, please don't edit)
Quest of the magician 200+(Public)
Quest of the Ninja 23(W.I.P., please don't edit!)
Questscape 4(W.I.P., Do not edit)
Ralos 35+(Public)
A Random Adventure of Random Proportions 66Completed
A Random Adventure of Random Proportions 2: More Random 58(Public)
A Random Day 25+(Public)
Red Mercenary 10+(Public)
Revolt (A United States Futuristic Revolution Story)5+PLEASE DO NOT EDIT UNTIL I SAY SO)
The Scary Forest2This is my first story y'all!!! You are welcome to read, but please do not edit it.
The Revolutionary war 38(Under construction, do not edit plz)
Rick Roll'd Adventure 15(Completed)
Rodeo Girl7(Public)
A Role 17(Public)
Roleplay 10(Public)
The Roller coaster14(Public)
Roman Demigod 5 (Public)
R.F.D 1 (Private)
Russian Blue3 under construction by projectM1K3, no other editors atm
Rusty Armour6 This is a WORK IN PROGRESS; do not touch Private (for now)
Ryoko the Psychic Prosecutor 0 (work in progress, do not edit)
Sabatoge (a Star Trek: TNG adventure) 10(Public)
Sailor Moon: Adventures of the Senshi4+Underconstruction; please do not edit
Save YouTube Poop!!! (Definitely rated PG-13 15(Public)
Saving Twilight (An unexpected adventure) 30+ (edit respectfully, not completed)
School Drama 2 Public
Second Life5+(Public)
The Secret Door4 WIP, (don't edit without permission)
The Secret Island of Utobi 38(Public)
sewer wars11(Public)
Shadows of the Past5+(Public)
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 0 private
Show off3(Public)
Silent hill19(Public)
Sixty Minutes259(Public)
The Sleep over WIP public, Zach is the main story read his before editing
Soap Opera producer (WIP, please don't edit for now)
Soul Savor3(Public)
space wrecked 11(Public)
Spork: An RPG 100+ third town in progress, please don't edit, put any suggestions in Spork discussion)
Star trek (Another adventure) 65+(Public)
Star Trek: Next Generation: A Q-urious Dilemma WIP You can fix any errors, but please do not edit the storyline at this time.
Star Trek: The Original Series 12(WIP, If you've seen the 60's show, you can go ahead and edit.)
Star Wars: A New Adventure 17(Public)
Star Wars: Jedi Chronicles 20+(Public)
Star Wars: Republic 26(Public)
Star Wars: The Old Republic 0 (Private) Please read Disclaimer
Stardust WIP (Private DO NOT EDIT)
Sticky Adventure 50+(Public)
A Story About You 0 (Don't Edit, Please! [WIP])
The Story of George Miller 75(WIP, DO NOT EDIT)
Story Of My Life 15(Public)
Subject 413 100+(Public)
Superhero 25+ (Public)
Superdickery Superman Adventure 150(Public)
The Supernatural World10(Under Construction, Don't Touch)
Superwhodunnit3please don't edit, at least for now
Survey 40(DO NOT EDIT!!!!)
Survival of the Colossi 10+(Public)
Surviving a Hetalia Dream9(Public)
Surviving Today 20 (it's not a lot since its only one day)(Finished!)
Surviving Today: The Traffic Jam 35+ Not a sequel(Finished!)
Tales from Ahtora 1 W.I.P., Please do not edit
A Tasty Breakfast20+(Public)
Technomancer11(Work In Progress)
Teddy and Ryan's Adventure 14 (Private)
Teehee! 64 (Public)
Temple of the Forgotten 1(Public)
Temporal15(Work In Progress DO NOT EDIT)
Time Chase 39(Public)
To Court! 15 (W.I.P. Do not edit)
Tough Luck! 11+ private, complete
Tough Luck 2 WIP Don´t edit
The Tournament4 DO NOT EDIT W.I.P
Transylvanian terror150+(Public)
Tribute: The Greatest and Best Quest in the World 4(Public)
The Shipping Witches29 (completed! please don't edit. for a school project.)
The Trigger And The Hilt (a free-roaming action game) 20+(Public)
To Survive19+ (WIP, do not edit without permission)
To Kill a Salesman 7Do not edit WIP
True Dungeon4 DO NOT EDIT W.I.P
Try Not To Die 45 COMPLETED; please don't edit
Trying to Wake Up 25+(Public)
The Six0+(Public)
The Ultimate Battle 65+(Public)
Ultra Invasion!!! WIP private
The Unknown...9(Public)
Vampires Vs. Werewolfs 7( wip i just started and this is my first story!! so please do NOT edit... please!!!!!!!!!)
Video Game High3
The Walk13(W.I.P)
Wanna be a hobo?20+(Public)
War for Transquent 6 Private (Please contact me if you want to edit)
War of Nations 65+(Public)
War zone 20+ (W.i.p)(PLEASE DO NOT EDIT)
Warphole 5+(Public)
Warrior Cats 7 (Public)
Warrior Cats!3(Public)
Warriors Cats Adventure 10+ (Under Construction Please DO NOT edit atm) (Private for Now)
Warrior Cats evil4 (do not edit)
Warriors: Your Destiny0(W.I.P, feel free to edit!)
A Wedgie-Filled Family10(WIP Please don't edit!!!!)
What Do You Want To Do??WIP private
What have they done?20+(Public)
What Happens In The Forest 11(Public)
What Will You Do? stranger195 3 (Public)
Who Are You?3(Under Construction, Don't Touch)
Wibbly Wobbly Adventure0(Private, WIP)
Windy Lea Stories269(WIP, please don't edit!)
Wings of Purity 11(Public)
World's End (A game of survival) 76(Public)
What Horror Story Would You Survive?1(Public)
WW2 19(Public)
WW2: Night Raid 60(Public)
XMachetter, the dark figure, and the Jewel 15(Public)
You Need a Job18(Public)
You're never getting out12(Public)
Your Life 14 (Private)
Your Story 9 (Private)
Z-Day 4 (Public)
The Zombies have come Sillybanana 2 (Private)
ZX1 56 (Public)
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