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This is the story of a young girl, recently graduated from or dropped out of school and ready to find herself a place of her own in this wide world.

You are :

Elena : 21yo;virgin;fair white skin;platinum blonde hair;blue eyes;38D bust;voluptuous body;166cm tall;61kg;attractive facial features --- an elegant (and a bit spoiled) 'young adult' of the upper class of society. You just graduated from a prestigious university - mostly due to your family's wealth tho you would never admit it - and have a degree in Arts. You have no combat experience and below average strength, not that it ever occurred to you that might matter. A recent accident caused the death of both your parents, leaving you all alone but with a substantial inheritance. Pages :0

Alex : 18yo;virgin;average white skin;dark brown hair;gray eyes;32B bust;Lithe body;164cm tall;56kg;slightly attractive facial features --- A tomboyish girl, bored with school and looking for excitement in life. You graduated an average public school without ever really trying and with above-average marks. You have some experience dealing with computers and are a bit of a gamer/hacker. You have gotten into fights with boys quite regularly and know how to fend for yourself, you're a deal stronger than you look and learned some basic martial arts. Your parents tried to force you to go to college next, but you were sick of school and ran away from home to look for something more interesting to do. Pages :0

Chun : 17yo;fair asian skin and smooth asian hair;Black eyes;36C Bust;lithe body;155cm tall;49kg;very attractive facial features --- A curious and adventurous girl, no interest in school and skipped more often than not. You were finally expelled from school when they found out about an illicit relationship between you and a young teacher. You have Always excelled at using boys or even adult men to get what you want. You have a little 'combat' experience dealing with jealous or just plain annoying girls. You're stronger than most of the girls but no match for the boys. After being expelled from school your parents gave you some money to get by and kicked you out, telling you never to show your face to them again. || Pages : 171

Karla : 19yo;fair black skin;straw blonde hair;Black eyes;40E Bust;Voluptuous toned Body;173cm Tall;67kg;Attractive facial features --- A tough chick that takes no crap from anyone, hates school because of all the smart-ass racist whitey boys and barely ever showed up. You graduated despite a minimal attendance score with average marks and were held back once. You're a delinquent with a large amount of fighting experience, you could say it's your hobby. You're strong enough to compete with most men. self-proclaimed decent people tend to avoid you, saving you the nuisance of having to deal with their fake courtesies. Your mother died at your birth and your father got shot in a gang fight a while ago. He's still in the hospital and they're expecting you to pay off the hospital bills despite the fact that you're completely broke. || Pages :0

Vanessa : 20yo;average white skin;Auburn hair;brown eyes;36D;Average body;159cm tall;60kg;Average facial features --- A dim redhead that got bullied untill she developped a more mature body, when boys suddenly started being kind to her she was overjoyed and never really learned how to say no.. You tried very hard to please your teachers but they all soon gave up on you and told you they can't help you if you don't take this seriously. Despite the fact that you tried harder than anyone else. Despite your best efforts, you never managed to make it past the fourth year and took alot of bullying from your significantly younger peers. Eventually, your parents gave up on trying to force you trough school, told you to 'just go do whatever' and have largely ignored your presence since. You have alot of experience with violence, all of it on the receiving end as you never fought back. Your strength is about average and you can tolerate alot of pain and other undesirable things due to your extensive experience at being a victim. Pages :3

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