UG/Stay still and go on with his lesson

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Mr Birch's hand starts exploring the front of your panties, rubbing his fingers into your crotch. You moan through the gag. "Lets see how you're blossoming" he pulls your panties to your knees, revealing a small but thick patch of pubic hair "there you seem to be developing at a typical pace of a girl your age" he strokes your pubic hair running his fingers through it. You can't help but start feeling funny, down there, you're full of mixed emotions, it's confusing, you're a little frightened, but also kind of aroused. His hand moves upward, lifting your shirt up "lets see how you're developing in other areas" he lifts the shirt up over your head. As you're in hand cuff the shirt cannot be fully removed but it's wrapped around your wrists and does not cover you at all. You're wearing a white somewhat lacy bra it hooks in the front. You have developed quite a bit over the last year you have D sized breasts, quite large especially for a girl your age. "My you are quite large for a girl your age" Mr Birch says as his hands explore the bra. "You do a pretty good job hiding such large assets" he squeezes them over the cups of your bra. You can't help but let out a moan through the gag. His hands run up the straps exploring them. He discovers they can be undone from the bra he then undoes the clasp of the bra removing it completely. Your breasts while large are quite perky they bounce a little as they are freed from the support of the bra. He grabs them fondling and playing with them. Your nipples can't help but begin to harden "normal response for a pubescent girl" he says removing his hands and speaking in a tone like he was giving any other lesson.

"Lets see what should we focus on next...." he begins

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