UG/14/Mr Birch continues the lesson

From Create Your Own Story

"Lets go a bit further shall we" Mr Birch says as he lays you onto his desk, before pulling your shorts and panties completely off.

"Mmphf stoff" you try to mumble through the gag, in vain.

Mr Birch runs his hands up your inner thighs, "Lets see how your stimulus response is" he says as he shoves two of his fingers into your tight virginal vagina. "Hmm, you are tight" he remarks. You strain against the handcuffs screaming but it does no good. "Calm down Callie, relax you may just enjoy this" he says as he starts to move his fingers inside you quite vigorously. Your vagina becomes wet, you moan through the gag. "See, isn't that better" you cry as your body betrays you

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