UG/Keep listening to the naked man

From Create Your Own Story

You have always been taught to be respectful of others beliefs so you decide to humor him "sure I'll listen to you about your religion but can I ask you something?"

The man smiles "that seems fair"

"Um why are you naked?" You blush a bit seeing a fully grown man naked and your surprise at your arousal from seeing it.

He smiles warmly "that's a very good question and goes into what i have to say. Do you know the basic story of Adam and Eve?"

Being a Christian you do "yes Adam and Eve ate the apple and were ejected from Eden" you go over a quick recap

"That's correct you see before the apple Adam and Eve were naked they had no shame, but once they ate it they were convinced that being nude was shameful and clothed themselves. What most don't realize is that shame was a tool of the Devil by tricking mankind into shame and wearing clothes it forces us away from gods love who intended us to live naturally" he waves a hand over his nude form.

You put it together "oh so by being naked and rejecting shame you feel closer to god. Is that it?"

The man smiles "yes that's it exactly. As humans we are born with an innate sense of self but we are taught shame with holds us back. Would you be willing to discuss it further?"

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