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As messed up as it seems he makes some good points "um ok I'll bite so what's all this about?"

"Ok but first a question what was I doing when you came up?" He says, his cock still rock hard and pointing at you

You blush thinking about it "um you were uh" you giggle a bit "ha you were uh master-uh" you're trying to say the words "masterbating" you finally manage to say it

"Yes I was mastubating. It's a natural action perfectly normal but people want to shame us into thinking it's bad" you points at you "do you masterbate?"

You blush "um I mean I uh um" you're so flustered this topic is not really one you talk about especially to men, especially men you don't know.

"It's ok" he says calmly. He begins to stroke his cock "see no shame I'm touching myself" you bite your lower lip not being able to help yourself you stare at the man's engorged member. "It's ok you can be honest"

You take a deep breath "I mean I've tried it once or twice but I've been told it's dirty and wrong"

The man looks at you "see that's the shame that's being forced on you. You need to free yourself of that and you'll be so much happier"

You're flustered "um I'm not sure what I should do?"

He laughs "take your clothes off and masturbate" he says with a smile still stroking his cock.

"Here?!" You say a little shocked "in front of you?"

"Of course. See I'm doing it you're here and I'm not embarrassed" he motions around "don't worry I'm not going to try anything it's just about ridding yourself of shame"

What do you do?:

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