UG/14/Give it a try

From Create Your Own Story

You've come this far you might as well keep going. But you're not sure it's safe to do so out in the open. "Ok but are you sure it's ok to do it out here in the open?"

The man laughs "Well it's not exactly open. True we are outside but it's not public, no one can see us. Quite honestly, I've been doing this for years and you're the only one who's ever stumbled upon me, and that was you actually coming into my back yard"

You take a deep breath "Ok, I'll do it" you slip your shorts off and remove your baggy tshirt. You stand in just your plain bra and panties.

"You're doing good" he says as he begins to stroke his cock you can't help but feel a tingle. You unhook your bra and slip your panties down you have a small patch of pubic hair.

Your start to rub your pussy. It's awkward trying to masturbate standing up. "Um this is kind of hard" you admit.

He laughs "yeah it might be easier if you're lying down"

"There really isn't a comfortable place to lay down out here" you comment

"You can come inside my house" he offers

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