UG/Investigate the vice-principal's door

From Create Your Own Story

Your curiosity gets the better of you and you knock on the door. "Um Hello is everything ok in there?" You call out.

You hear more crying from a boy and jumping then some terse but unintelligible voice (do to the thickness of the door your really can't understand) the jumping stops and you hear a sniffle and the crying is stiffled. Then you hear some ruffling and a click the door opens and the vice principal a tall thick woman, pops her head out of the crack "Yes!?" She looks out see's you "ah yes Callie I'm believe the Principal wants to see you in his office" she nods in the direction of the office "it's still over there. Unless you'd rather come in here" a little confused you are presented with two options go to the Principal's office or see what's going on in the vice principals office.

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