UG/Go inside the principal's office

From Create Your Own Story

You walk inside the principal's office and see him there sitting at his desk. He's a Middle Aged man still has his hair he's not fat but has what most would call having a dad bod. He looks at you "ah good, Callie, please have a seat" he motions to one of the chairs across from him you sit. "I suppose you're wondering why I asked you in here?" He looks at you with a friendly smile.

You nod shyly "um yes I'm not really sure why I'm here. Did I do something wrong?" You say as you fidget in your seat

"Well that all depends" he hands you a piece of paper. "Please take a look at this" you take the paper and look it over "this was your grade report" you look it over it's a mix of a's and b's, what you expect. He hands you another paper "and this is what your grades are now after an adjustment" you take the paper has your heart sinks you're awash with confusion and terror. It's all F's, according to this new report card you're flunking out.

You can't believe this is happening or why "I don't understand why have all my grades been changed like this" you bite back your tears "I've done my assignments I do well on my tests why have my grades been changed?"

The Principal looks sternly at you "you see Callie there's been an adjustment"

"An adjustment?!" You look in shock

"Well you see Callie the faculty and I have decided there's a need for a new scale for some of the students and you were one name that came up. So, lets talk about how we can turn that" he points at the grade card with the F's "back into that" he points at the grade card it should be.

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