UG/14/The nurse takes your temperature

From Create Your Own Story

Nurse Hopkins smiles warmly "ok dearie lets have a look. First things first let's take your temperature" she turns around and opens a drawer to retrieve a thermometer. You expect a small thin kind she pulls out a rather large a thick tube, it's almost comical how large it is. It's about the size of large pickle, well girthwise and it's a tad longer.

"Oh my that's going to feel awkward in my mouth" you say nervously and in a little bit of shock

Nurse Hopkins laughs "oh don't be silly dearie this doesn't go in your mouth it's a rectal thermometer" she says mater of factly.

"A what?!" You say very shocked

The nurse tries to calm you down "it goes in your rectum dearie. That's your butt" she uses a lamens term in case you didn't know what rectum meant.

"I know what rectum means mam. I just... I mean... can't .. we use a normal one?" You say in choppy sentences you're apprehension begins to grow.

"Sorry dearie this is the only kind we have. We needed the most accurate but the cheapest and this is it please pull your shorts and panties down to at least your knees and get on the exam table, dearie" she says in a friendly tone.

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