UG/14/do as the nurse asked you do need your temp taken

From Create Your Own Story

You take a deep breath to Steel your resolve. You follow the nurses orders and pull the shorts and your panties down to your knees. You awkwardly position yourself on the table. Nurse Hopkins pats you soothingly "it's ok Callie relax" she says to try to keep you calm "the best thing to do is relax and breathe if you fight it'll hurt. It'll pinch but just let it slide in ok?" You nod indicating you understand. She pulls out a large jar of Vaseline and slathers a healthy amount on the rectal thermometer and spreads another healthy amount on the opening of your rectum. "Ok Callie here it comes just breathe" you feel a pinch and pressure as the thermometer intrudes your tight sphincter. You breathe and relax as instructed eventually it's in. It's not great but it doesn't hurt. "Good now it'll take a bit to get a reading" she does her best to distract you and eventually she pulls the thermometer out and reads it

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