Tyrone as other ideas(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

You head up to your room as quickly as you can, not accustomed to rushing in heels, you find it difficult and have to concentrate hard not to trip over. You reach your room and enter it, you are just closing the door when it's pushed open by Tyrone who kicks it closed once he's inside.

"What are you doing Tyrone."

"You know my brothers in prison don't you?"


"Well I asked him how he coped inside without sex, he laughed at me and said "When I get the urge, I corner one of the punk ass white boys in the shower and fuck their tight little ass." I thought it was disgusting, that is until I saw your ass wiggling as you walked up the stairs."

He takes off his shirt, kicks off his sneakers and then pulls off his sweatpants and briefs in one go revealing his muscled ebony body and large erect cock.

"Please stop this Tyrone."

You say backing away from him, you realize to late what a mistake this is as you hit the bed and fall flat on your back, you try to turn over and push yourself up but he's on you in a flash pinning you to the bed you feel the panties you're wearing pulled down and his cock pushing at your ass.

Do you?

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