Beg him to use the lube in your bedside cabinet(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

"No please don't do this Tyrone."

"Too late for no bitch."

You remember, how on your birthday your wife would let you fuck her ass, she had always insisted on lots of lubricant and even then she always found it painful despite how gentle you were, you're under no illusion as to how Tyrone will fuck you but the lubricant, still lying in your bedside cabinet, will make things a whole lot easier.

"There's lubricant over there in the cabinet, please use that."

You don't know if he's heard you until you feel his weight lift off of your back and after a few seconds you hear him rummaging about the cabinet a few minutes later you feel him behind you again.

"This should make things more fun, my brother did say you white sissies were hungry for black cock but you usually needed a nudge in the right direction to understand it."

The sudden horror as you realize he thinks you're into this hits you, but any thoughts of protest are soon driven from your mind by his cock now pushing into your ass, the pain overwhelming you. He's only about halfway in your ass when he grunts loudly and cums inside of you, he finishes emptying his seed inside you when he pulls out wipes his cock clean on your panties, dresses and leaves, leaving you laying there on the bed.

You don't move for what seems like a long time before you get up and shower once done you throw on a robe. As you leave the bathroom your phone buzzes indicating you have a message, you pick it up and read and all it says is "Check your e-mail." the numbers unknown but you switch on your laptop and see you have an e-mail from Tyrone. You open the e-mail and it says.

'Thanks for the good time, will be around in the morning to do it again, I want you shaved and dressed sexy. Check out the attachment before you decide.'

You notice the attachment and click on it. A short video clip starts to play you recognize your bed and what must be your ass with Tyrone's cock poised above it and then you hear your own voice say.

"There's lubricant over there in the cabinet, please use that."

The clip ends do you?

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