Turn around and talk

From Create Your Own Story

"Is your um...you know what covered?" you ask crossing your arms.

"Yeah, sorry bout that" he replies.

Turning around, you find it hard to look at his eyes, but since the only other option is the woman getting railed on TV you manage to look at his face. "Are you gonna tell mom?" he asks, shifting his feet.

"I don't know, she didn't raise you to do that," you tell him, trying to unsee the image of his cock.

"Please don't - its normal - all the people do it," he pleads. "I don't do it" you reply. All of the sudden your face turns red as you feel a slight tingle of arousal spread through your body. Shame fills your face as you look at him, seeing his cock in your mind's eye.

"That's 'cause you're not a guy," Bobby says, fidgeting with the waistband on his pants. "Most guys my age already have sex, but I can't even get a girlfriend," he says, glancing at the screen.

Even though you haven't had a lot of sex in your life, you know what's on the TV isn't accurate, and you say, "Sex isn't like that."

"I know, but its all I've got," he says, trying to look away from your gaze.

"Oh my god! Is that the lotion I lost before I moved out?" you ask, seeing the bottle sitting on the couch.

"Uh, yeah," he replies scratching his head.

"Why do you have that?!"

"It feels better," he says, shrugging.


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