Help him with the situation

From Create Your Own Story

You blush at the feeling in your privates, the lustful heat that you don't feel enough tingles until it rises through your chest. You imagine your brother naked and bite your lip in shame. Going to the couch you sit down, your heart beating like a drum as he sits there looking at you. His eyes try to stay still but he seems to glance your body over with an eager hunger behind them.

"You know, if you really need to do this I understand, but..." you say, trying to find the courage to seduce a family member. "But I'm here for you if you need more than...lotion" you say, turning bright red.

He fidgets with his hands until he looks at you, trying to figure out if you mean what he's thinking. "So you'll talk with me?" he asks.

"Um I was kinda...well not talking, but..." you say, scooting closer to him.

"You're my sister," he says, but you can tell he's more than intrigued.

"Mother always told us to help each other out," you say, trying to not stare at his crotch. You see his penis jump, straining against the worn pajamas, and your mouth waters as your pussy starts to get wet.

"O..okay then" Bobby says. He remains there looking at you trying to figure out just how he should go about this.


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