Try to remember the dream you had.

From Create Your Own Story

You get out of bed in your cramped cupboard and try to remember the dream you'd been having. There was a blue flying motorcycle in it. You feel like you've had the same dream before. Finally forced to wake up, you pull out some socks and pull a spider off them. The cupboard under the stairs is full of them. Aunt Petunia screeches, "Out! Out, you filthy pig! Don't you dare let the bacon and eggs burn. I want everything perfect on my Duddy's special day."

You let out a groan. Dudley's birthday - how could you forget? Your cousin, Dudley, went each year on his birthday to the zoo. You get out of your cupboard and see your Uncle Vernon. "Comb your hair!" he shouts, by way of morning greeting. "Oh no!" you say, angrily.

Do you:

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