Trey try tell

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"I'm gonna tell my boys about you Jacob. All about you wearing lingerie you faggot." Jacob went up to him rub his muscles "Please don't. I'll do anything Trey, ANYTHING." he was pouting to Trey basically begging Trey not to tell anyone about him wearing his sister lingerie. Trey took pity but not to much pity on Jacob. He went to put a sock on the door. It was the house rule if you had a girl over you were put a sock onto the door to let the other know to get lost. Now Jacob knew that tonight he was about to get fuck. Also knew Trey had the second biggest dick in the house by accidentally walking in on him fucking a black chick. That the reason for the sock rule. Trey came back to tell Jacob "To shut me up you have to get lost while my girl Tillie come over and we fuck."

Take this as a godforsaken

Jacob persuade him to fuck instead

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