Jacob persuade him to fuck instead

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"Well maybe you could cancel on Tillie and give my ass a real good fucking. You know my cunt is way more tighter than ya girl. Mr. Big Dick." Jacob went over to Trey and rub his giant dick threw his pants. Trey was taken aback. "OK but you got to be a real good fuck." "Don't worry Mr. Big you doesn't know how much I wanted to fuck you. Ever since I seen your king snake when you fuck that thot Tillie. I want to be your new thot." Jacob took his hand and lead Trey to his bedroom. Jacob sat him down on to his bed. Trey pull out his huge cock and gave it a squeeze. Jacob smile flirtatious and rub his small ass on Trey king snake. It was getting hard and hardee as Jacob gave Trey a lap dance. The tip was rubbing against Jacob asshole. "Put it in Trey, I want that snake." Right there in the doorway stood every roommates Jacob had. But Jacob put 4 inches of Trey inside is of him. He hop and bounced on Trey dick. "Ah Trey your so huge. Mr. Huge put it in me. Pleease I want it so bad." Jacob lingerie was falling off. The pink and white thong was still in place though. Jacob was touching his small cock. Trey saw the roommates but didn't say anything. He also grab Jacob hands. "I want you to cum with the snake in your tight little ass. Do you want to come bae." "Oooh yeah Mr. Big. Feel me up like I'm a dirty little girl." TJ one of the roommates said "I don't think he can dude." Jacob realize they were there watching him get stretch by Trey.

Jacob try to stop Trey from fucking his ass

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