Training and transformation(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

He collects up the money and puts it away, you stand staring at the pool table you were two shots away from two grand and now four shots later you had lost the money and your body to this man you had just met, you are lost in these thoughts when you are suddenly pushed face down onto the pool table, fearing the worst you start to beg and plead with him "Please don't do this, I'll get you money please don't fuck my ass." you feel the heavy weight shift slightly and move off of you, your arms are pulled back forcing you to yelp in pain.

He wraps something around each wrist then you feel his whole weight lift from your body, as you try to get up a hand pushes you back down you try to move your arms to give you more strength to push off of the table but find they are locked together, he then slides something around your neck and hear it being buckled in place. Without warning you are yanked up onto your feet by your neck and as you regain your balance and turn to face him you see he is holding a leash in his hand which is attached to a collar around your neck.

You stare at him slowly weeping before asking him "What are you going to do to me?"

He smiles at you "I'm glad you asked but from now on the last word out of your mouth will be Master am I understood?"

Do you?

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