Say "yes"(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story


His smile is suddenly gone and you're once more pushed over the pool table "It seems you don't understand." You feel your shorts being pulled down then a hand lands hard on your ass and you scream in pain you've never been spanked before not even when you were young and you don't like it. "Let’s see if we can't get this right, when I hear you speak you address me as Master. Understood?"

Your brain takes a few seconds to realize he asked you another question before you blurt out "Yes Master."

"Good, now whenever you force me to administer a spanking you will thank me for each and every stroke. Understand?"

Your brain reacts quicker this time "Yes Master."

"Excellent, you're learning already your training will be a lot easier than I expected. Now to the punishment I think three strokes for not calling me Master, and another three for not thanking me for that first stroke."

He pauses for a few seconds he's going to punish you for failing to thank him for a spanking even though you didn't know the rule.

Do you?

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