Accept your fate(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You suddenly realize the gravity of the situation your only chance of getting away relatively unharmed is to do what he says not matter how revolting or depraved it seems. "Yes Master, thank you Master." You utter the words knowing it's a green light for the spanking to start and the first blow quickly follows "Thank you Master." You scream out, this is followed by another blow.

After six blows from his hand he stops as you cry out your final thank you the pain is awful and your ass cheeks are stinging, you lie there as still as possible as tears run down your cheeks. You feel your shorts being pulled up to cover your ass.

"You took your punishment well." He says to you.

"Thank you Master." You reply instinctively.

"As your Master I have the right to punish your transgressions and not only with the hand, I have whips and paddles at my disposal, punishments vary depending on the severity, if you’re in any doubt that your actions are wrong then ask me. Understand?"

"Yes Master."

He pulls you up by the leash again. "Okay turn and face me then kneel down?"

You turn around and find him naked in front of you.

Do you?

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