Kneel down(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

"Yes Master." You say as you kneel down slowly, with your hands tied behind you find this difficult but manage to do it without falling over, he steps toward you so his cock his brushing your face you then feel his hand on the back of your head and he pushes your head back stretching your neck so your looking up at him, he then places his cock on your face so his heavy balls are resting on your lips and his fat veined cock is laying on your face.

"From now on you will be called Snow Bunny or Snow. Rule number one, all my orders are to be followed without question."

He pauses waiting for your response "Yes Master." You say your words being muffled somewhat when one of his testicles drops into your mouth so you end up with it slightly in your mouth.

"Rule number two, whenever I enter the room you will fall to your knees like this and await my orders."

Again he pauses your "Yes Master" barely audible as his testicle drops further into your mouth, you feel his cock twitch on your face and slowly harden.

"Rule number three, whenever my cock his hard you will take it in your mouth and suck it until I cum and you will swallow every drop, it doesn't matter if I'm awake or asleep if my cock is hard it better be in your mouth unless I've told you otherwise."

He pauses again; you can feel his heavy cock pulling on the testicle in your mouth as it rises to full hardness, he's just told you what to do if that should happen.

But do you?

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