Obey rule three(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You know what you have to do although the thought of it disgusts you but the pain you can feel coming from your ass cheeks is enough to tell you what will happen if you don't do it. You pull your mouth off of his testicle and say "Yes Master." His cock springs away from you as you do slapping hard into his stomach, you push up off of your knees slightly to get above it and you slip your mouth over the end of it, his cock head as the same salty taste as his testicle but now you've got it in your mouth you don't know what to do next so you just start sucking at it.

After a few minutes he pulls your mouth off of his cock. "Back in position Snow."

You say "Yes Master." As you kneel down looking up at him you see your saliva glistening on the tip of his cock and the frown on his face.

"That wasn't good enough Snow" He says in a harsh voice. "I don't expect you to take it all down your throat yet but I expected to have more of my cock in your mouth than just the tip. Would you like to be punished again?"

"No Master." You look up at him in fear, you just refused him. "Sorry Master." You blurt out quickly hoping to save yourself from further punishment.

You look at him his frown disappears as a smile takes it place. "It's okay Snow." His voice is softer this time as his hand gently caresses the back of your head. "It was only a question, I'll forgive your first attempt a first time is always difficult and having your hands out of use won't have made it easier."

His smile and gentle nature cause you to smile and say "Thank you Master." You can't believe you just said it; it is one thing to go along with this to make things easier but to thank him for not punishing you because you didn't suck his cock properly.

"This is the fourth and last rule, you will dress and look feminine at all times, that means soft hair free skin, make-up, lingerie, skirts and dresses."

"Yes Master." You say without thinking.

He positions his cock so it is horizontal and moves your head so your lips are touching the tip.

Do you?

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