Open your mouth instinctively(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

Your lips part as his cocks touches them you had not planned to he pushes his cock towards you and your mouth opens a little more as his cock slides into your mouth. "Good girl Snow, you're doing better already." His words of praise delight you for some reason, but this does feel better than being spanked. He starts to push in and out at a steady pace "That's good now just push your tongue up a little to create a little more pressure." You do what he tells your and soon he as half of his cock sliding in and out of your mouth and he's moving at a faster pace. "Okay now you're getting the hang of it, but I expect you to be looking up at me making eye contact at all times." As he says this your eyes flick up to look at him he smiles broadly down at you and nods approvingly. "This is the best technique when your hands are tied or when I want a hands free blowjob, but this is more of a mouth fucking than a blowjob with a blowjob I expect full use of your mouth and hands, kissing, licking, nibbling, stroking and sucking." He pulls his cock out of your mouth and looks down at you expectantly.

"Yes Master."

His hand releases your head but he is still holding his cock so it's pointing straight at you. "Now show me what you've learned." The fear overwhelms you now, when he was in control of you it all seemed easy, but now it's all you, you are in no doubt that if you don't do a good job this time he'll spank you again and you're unsure how much more pain you can take.

"Yes Master." You reply before opening your mouth and swallowing his cock again, you try to remember all he said and you keep your eyes on his.

As you watch his face you see him continually break into a grimace the first time he did it you thought you were doing something wrong before he let out a low guttural moan and said. "That's good Snow; Master is pleased you learn quickly." You renew your efforts after his praise and it isn't long before his breathing starts to get shallow, you know he's about to cum you also get the impression that he's not going to do anything to stop you from pulling away you realize despite his obvious pleasure he's still in control you remember rule three you have to make him cum and then swallow his load.

Do you?

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