Swallow his load(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to swallow his load but as it is so much it leaks out of your mouth and onto the floor. He pulls out and looks at you. " Snow why did you not swallow all of it? I think that is punishable don't you agree?"

"Yes Master. Sorry Master."

"Good Snow now for such a large misdeed you will be punished with my whips is that okay?" He says standing up as his cock also gets hard again.

"Yes Master." You say before crawling over and putting his cock back in your mouth.

He grabs the back of your head and starts mouth fucking you hard making you gag but you still work on keeping up at suckling and nipping to the best of your ability. You can feel he is about to cum and he pulls out and shoots his load at your face. "Lick it off Snow or else more punishments await you." He says before leaving the room to get the whips.

Do You:

Clean yourself to the best of your ability(SLBC)

Do nothing but wait for your master to return(SLBC)

Try to escape(SLBC)

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