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You're Timmy, a short and skinny Asian band nerd. A little too feminine for your own good. You would not have a problem passing as a girl with a little make-up. Your Dad died when you were young, your Mom never dated again and worked 24/7, so your sisters always watched you.

When you were growing up they used to play dress-up with you. They would put you in a girls clothes, put make up on you and play house. But now you're a teenager and they're at college. But they did leave a lot of their clothes at home. Like their cheerleading outfits, volleyball uniforms and swimsuits. With no one home sometimes you dress-up in your older sisters clothes, put on makeup and wigs, and walk around the house. You like their skirts and yoga pants mostly. You do have a nice bubble butt that you inherited from your mom, and and you really like to show off your ass. You have taken hundreds of selfies and have a album on your computer that you use to improve your appearance.

It's Friday and you've spent the last hour getting ready. But for what?

You can call the neighbor over he is a very attractive young black man. He comes over and plays video games with you sometimes, he's always hugs and rubs your shoulders. You dream about dressing up and surprising him.

Call a few friends over.

Or go out and see what happens.

Go out dressed up(SLBC)

Stay home and call friends(SLBC)

Call Tyrone(SLBC)

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