The next day(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

You are working away at your PC, dressed normally in slacks and a shirt, your encounter with Tyrone having scared you, you've sworn not to crossdress again. Your e-mail window pops up and you open the tab and see it's from Tyrone, not knowing how he got your e-mail you open it.

"Thought I'd open you a profile just like this one, tell me what you think?"

You hit the link beneath and it takes you to a hookup site for submissive white guys to contact dominant black men, the profile you are on is that for a middle aged white man, his profile picture shows him in stockings and suspenders his face blanked out, with the heading "I need to be used and abused by black men."

It's not you but you know what Tyrone is implying and send back an e-mail.

"It won't work I'd never meet up with any of those guys."

The reply comes back quickly and you realize he must have had it ready. You open it and see a photo, you know it's you Tyrone must have taken it yesterday when you were walking away from him to change the caption beneath reads.

"White sissy virgin, I'm too scared to ask. I need to be forced but you niggers don't have the balls."

You stare at the photo and caption for a long time, you are in no doubt it would attract a lot of attention and you e-mail Tyrone.

"Okay what do you want?"

Your ringing cellphone tears your eyes away from the screen you pick it up and answer.


"I take it you don't want me advertising your services?" Tyrone's voice says.


"Good, I want you hair free from the neck down, and don't tell me you can't I know you still have all your wife's stuff, once done take a selfie and send it to me, I'll contact you again tomorrow."

He hangs up the phone leaving you stood there, the image on your screen leaves you in no doubt what will happen if you don't so you go upstairs and use your wife's hair removal device and then send the selfie to Tyrone.

What does tomorrow bring?

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