New dress code(SLBCJames)

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You spend the rest of the day trying to do your work but thoughts of what's going to happen tomorrow distract you, even your son Mark notices your distracted state that evening.

"You okay dad, not worried about me leaving for college in a few days?"

"What, oh yes just a few glitches with work, nothing to worry about."

"Okay dad I'm off to bed goodnight."


You don't sleep at all well through the night and you are woken by your cellphone at three am you look at the caller id and see it's Tyrone.

"Yes Tyrone."

"Its trash day today, you have exactly thirty minutes to bag up all your underwear,, pj's and robe and put them out on the kerbside."

"But what will I wear?"

"Your wife's lingerie, nightwear and robes, I will be watching."

The line goes dead, and you quickly grab some bags from the kitchen pack everything he told you away. You are just about to go and put them with the trash and realize your wearing your pj's stripping them off and throwing them in the bag, you quickly open your wife's closet the first thing you see is her short silk robe she only ever wore inside the bedroom because it only covered the top of her thighs, not having time to look for anything else you put it on and manage to get the bags to the kerbside and back in the house without being seen, getting back to your room you hear your cellphone again.

"Yes Tyrone." You say breathlessly.

"Well done, from now on until I say otherwise you will only wear ladies underwear, if Mark's in the house you can wear something over the top but if you're alone just the underwear. I will call your cellphone randomly when you see it's me you will disconnect the call take a selfie and send it to me and you only have a one minute time frame, after that you change lingerie, I won't talk again until Friday.

Friday's Task?

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