The neighbor

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Your parents' neighbor, Frank Hall, is in the living room, watching tv. "Oh!" you gasp, startling the neighbor. "I didn't expect to find you here..."

Frank jumps up from the couch and says "Oh!" as well. "Hi. Haven't seen you in a while... Your parents gave me a spare key..." he trails off, and holds up the key, obviously feeling awkward.

"Ok, well that's cool. Are they not here at the moment? I just popped by to see them."

"My wife and I are... having problems..." he finishes his statement, and you assume he didn't really hear what you just said.

"I'm sorry to hear that." You say sincerely. Frank and his wife are in their early thirties, and have lived next door since they got married several years ago. You did have a bit of a crush on him as a teen. "I don't really know what to say..."

Frank seems embarrassed now, and doesn't really meet your eye. "I just came over for a little peace and quiet and... of course to watch the game on your dad's big screen."

"Yes, the game! I will let you get back to it. I just came by to see my folks, and to borrow a few things, so I will grab those and be out of the way." You are glad that you can end this weird conversation now, and you move into the kitchen.

You rummage around in the cupboard to borrow the punch bowl set that you need for tonight's party. Once you locate that, you go out to the garage to grab the extra table that you need for snacks. You are starting to take that out to your car and turn around to see Frank there. He offers you a hand and while you both wrangle the table into your car, he apologizes for the awkwardness earlier.

You tell him not to worry about it, and as you move to close the trunk, your hand brushes his accidentally. You both pull your hands back, and stare at each other for a a second. "Is uh... Is the game over?" you try to make conversation as you head back to the house.

"It's half time." He says, and reaches for the door to the house at the same time as you do, your hands brushing again. As fleeting as the touch was, it was also very nice, and you wonder if it felt electric for him as well.

"Is there anything else I can help you with?" he offers, holding your gaze. You have everything you came for, but you are thirsty you tell him. "Would you like a refreshing drink?" you offer to Frank.

He accepts, and you both hang out in the kitchen. The energy in the kitchen as you both sip your drinks is just incredible. You are just trying to decide what to say to Frank, when he sets down his glass, reaches a palm towards your face and kisses you unexpectedly.

What do you do?

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