Not kiss him

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You pull back from his kiss, and look up into his eyes. "I... I'm sorry, that was too forward, wasn't it?" Frank says. "I just couldn't ignore the energy I feel between us anymore."

"You feel it too!" You smile. He is still standing close to you, and despite your initial hesitation, you realize that you really want to feel his arms around you right now. Reaching up, you put one arm around his neck, and pull him in for a kiss.

He leans in, kissing you deeply, puts a hand on your lower back and pulls you towards him, ravishing your mouth with his tounge. Your bodies are pressed tightly together and as you come up for air, you realize how difficult it is becoming to ignore the tingling in your loins. You kiss him deeper, and start to explore his mouth with your tongue.

He moves his hand from your lower back to your butt and gives you a squeeze. You moan into his kiss and he lifts you onto the kitchen counter. Parting your legs for him, he moves in closer and you feel his erection pressed into your thigh.

Before you know it, you are peeling off his shirt, and you are in your bra in the kitchen. "This is... wow..." Frank pauses for a second, "but I don't want to pressure you into anything..."

"I don't want anything serious, just to have fun and see where this goes." You say, to his obvious relief. You wrap your legs around him, and grind your hips into him.

Where is this going?

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