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Story Number Of Pages Notes
Kayla's Adventures: Party 9 (Private) Pit watchlist, last edit 11/30/2013, only 9 pages.
Keeping It In The Family  ? (Public), but it needs good grammar and quality.
Kemonomimi Academy 40 (Private)
Key to the Kingdom  ? (Private)
Kim Possible Sex Adventure 0 (Private) Ron Stoppable POV story
The Kingdom 0 (Public)
Kingdom Cum  ? (Public)
The Knight  ? (Do Not Edit)
Kinkfinity 318 (Private) more info inside
A Knight's Quest 16 (Do Not Edit) Pit watchlist, last edit 8/4/2013, only 16 pages.
Kneel  ? (Public), but please use decent grammar and spelling.
KPOP Love Story 14+ (Do Not Edit)
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