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Story Number Of Pages Notes
Babylon 4 (Private) Pit watchlist, last edited on 31 August 2014, only 4 pages.
baby sister for hire 15 (Public)
The Babysitter 22 (Public)
Babysitter - Irresponsible 58 (Public)
The Babysitting job 80 (Public)( and please update freely but make sure your spelling is correct)
Bad Girl 5 (Public)
Badlands 25 (Public)
Band Forming Thing 123 (Public)
Banished 13 (Do Not Edit)
A Bard's Journey 0 (Public)
Bayport Girls' Academy 5 (Do Not Edit)
BDSM Adventures 15 (Public)
Beach Vacation 83 (Public)
Beachside Holiday 37 (Public)
Beardy Goodness 6 (Public)
Beastly World 2 (Public)
Beast Breeding Farm 14 (Public)
Benighted 10 (Do Not Edit)
The Big Bang Theory 11 (Public)
A Big Ugly Story 28 (Public)
Big Brother Drama (gay) 7 (Private)
Big Cock Fun (Gay) 166 (Public) (Create new pages if you want, just please leave the originals alone.)
Birthday Bottom Boy's Blackout Bar-night (Gay) 1,075 (Do Not Edit)
The Birth 16 (Public)( - Please add as you see fit)
Bi-Sexual Sex Stories 201 (Public) (((PLEASE ADD AND MODIFY STORIES)))
Blackguards and Bondage 19 (Do Not Edit)
Blackmailed 452 (Public)
Blackmailed Aunt 41 (Public) A nephew blackmails his aunt - 2 endings
Blackmail Adventure 8 (Private)
Blessed Union 43 (Do Not Edit)
Bloodborne - The Hunt Begins Anew 2 (Public)
Blue Mountain University 139 (Public)
Boarding School Magic 48 (Public)
Boarding School Whores 40 (Public)
Bounty Hunterz 1 (Public)
Boygirl (Bi) 9 (Public)
Boy Princess (Gay) 11 (Public) (Please read the rules) W.I.P.
Bosco Incantato 12 (Private)
Breeder: Fruit of Our Creation 1 (Private)
The Breeding Games 188 (Public)
Broken (Gay)(thriller) 19 (Private)
Brood 6 (Private) Pit watchlist, last edited on 11/25/2013, only 6 pages.
A Brothel Simulator 1 (Private)
Brothel Adventure 15 (Public)
Bridget Vs. I-No 20 (Do Not Edit)
Bully gets the girls 3 (Public)
Burn it Down!!! 7 (Public) Feel free to contribute. Please use good writing and grammar. Have fun with it.
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