Tell him you can handle it(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You feel suddenly angry at him "Hey I'm old enough to decide what I do; I can handle it in fact I can handle anything."

"Okay calm down I only said it was stronger than you were used to." He picks a joint up off of the table and lights it before taking a long hit. "Here you go." He say as he passes it to you, you take it off of him and take a small drag he was right it was stronger than anything you've had before. "Surely you can do better than that." His voice spurs you on and you take a long drag like he did, your mind and senses fog up pretty quickly you feel him take the joint off of you. "Not too quickly or you will end up missing the party."

You look at him and smile and say the first thing that pops in your head. "My mom's got a big crush on you."

He smiles back. "I don't think she's got a crush on me."

"She does I've seen her watching you through the window."

"Let me show you what your mom really wants." He stands up and pulls off his t-shirt quickly followed by the rest of his clothes and then sits down next to you on the couch he rest his cock on his thigh. "This is what your mom wants my big black cock." You look at his cock knowing you should not be looking but unable to tear your eyes away. He reaches across and grabs your hand and puts it on his cock. "There now how does it feel to hold the object of your mom's desires, she would kill to be in your place right now." You jerk your hand away as his cock twitches in your grasp.


"But nothing you want to prove you're an adult." He takes both of your hands this time and places them both on his cock holding them there. "Your mom's an adult and you're doing something she's only ever dreamed about, she would never come over here and hold my cock, that makes you better than her doesn't it?"

You can feel the hot throbbing of the rapidly hardening cock in your hands and his hands on your wrists slowly moving them up and down it as he speaks his words ringing in your ears, he's right you've only been able to do this legally for a few days your mom as had three years and never gotten this close. "Yes."

"Do you know what else she's wanted to do to this?" His hands have released your wrist and now he's guiding your head down to his crotch. "Yes she's always wanted to suck my cock, whenever you've seen her watching me and licking her lips this is what she's thinking about my cock where it is and her lips where yours are." He's stops moving your head towards his cock and now it lies less than an inch away from your mouth his hands have been removed from your wrist and your head but still you haven't released his cock or moved your head away. "You don't have to you know, I have decided though that if you don't I'll get your mom to do it so you may have beaten her to touching my cock but she'll beat you to getting it in her mouth."

You know your mom has been lusting after Mr Davis for three years and now you're in a situation she has only dreamed about while she's in her room with her trusty vibrator you can show her you’re old enough to make your own decisions.

Do you?

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