Swallow his cock(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

What he's told you his true you think as you sink your mouth onto the head of his cock you hear him grunt and you think to yourself "I've done that mom." You start sucking and jerking his cock as fast as possible determined to make him cum, his orgasm catches you by surprise as his cock spurts a load of cum into your mouth you pull away sharply has another few spurts hit you covering your clothes.

You start to panic about the mess, "Calm down Stevie, all we have to do is get them in the washer/dryer and they'll be as good as new in a few hours."

"But what do I wear until then?"

"I bet your mom's got some really sexy lingerie, why don't you go over there while no one’s home put on her favourite set some stockings and heels." He hands you a long coat. "Take those off and put this on."

You remove your outfit using it to wipe your face clean of his spunk and put on the coat. "Wait she's locked up I can't get back in?"

"She leaves a key here in case of emergencies?"

"I didn't know, but why don't I get some of my own clothes?"

"She may check your room to see if you've been back, then she may talk to me and I'll have to tell why you needed a change of clothes and you said you wanted to keep it a secret didn't you?"

"Yes I suppose you're right." You take the key off of him and head home you move quickly and are soon in your mom's room you quickly search it but are too scared to use anything in case she notices, you then remember last Christmas she told you to hide your sister's present in her closet and as you were doing it you found a box containing a lingerie set complete with stockings and heels and judging by the layer of dust not one she wears anymore.

Do you?

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