Tell Troi to sit on the bathroom counter

From Create Your Own Story

Deanna just looks so sexy sitting on the counter that you get an instant boner. You kneel and help Deanna slip her pants down to her knees, and then her underwear. You stand between her spread legs and she carefully gets your cock free. Her hands on your hips usher you inside her and soon her back is resting against the bathroom mirror and you're plowing your dick up into her tight privates. Your lips meet and lock together while your hips crash into her, lifting her butt up off of the counter. Her hands search for a place to brace themselves, sweeping her cosmetics onto the floor. You barely hear the clatter of the little plastic implements on the tile floor.

You're so charged up that it doesn't take you long to come, and Troi's climax arrives soon after. You rest a moment, Deanna's head nestled in the crook of your neck.

Do you:

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