Carry Troi into her shower

From Create Your Own Story

"Come on," you say, "let's take a shower."

Troi can hardly contain a giggle of excitement as you strip each other's clothes off. Even as the water comes spraying down, you're already making love again, her hands stroking your member while you massage those lovely tits of hers. In short order you're giving a stress test to the duraluminum shower wall by trying to fuck Deanna's brains out against it. The water runs down her blissed-out face while her hands dance up and down your spine. You brace your hand against the wall as you approach climax, and your other arm pulls her quivering body close.

"Oh gods!" she shouts, wrapping her arms around your neck, and you cum at the same time, the shower spraying you merrily.

Do you:

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