Talk to Alexis(Leon SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You're licking your lips with anticipation already, it had been a long time since anyone actually wanted sex with you because they liked you, for the last twenty years it was either as payment, paid for, or blackmail.

"Sure, whatever makes you feel good?" You say.

"Thank you." He replies reaching up to kiss you on your cheek. "You won't regret this." He then turns and leaves the room.

You watch as he walks away you feelings for him changing at first you thought he was just another racist punk like his friend James who you were going to use and abuse, but that kiss just now before he left the room no way is he a racist, as there was genuine affection behind that kiss, maybe if you turned on some charm this could lead to something more, the thought you had last night about treating him with more respect than James pops back into your head.

Do you?

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