See where this new direction leads(Leon SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

It was the kiss that sealed it, no one as shown you that kind of affection in years, and you want more of it, so you decide to change your approach not knowing where it will lead you.

You spend the next few hours pottering around tidying this and that, just trying to keep busy, eventually you sit down with another coffee, you've only been sat a few minutes when two hands sneak around your head and cover your eyes.

"Guess who?" A voice whispers in your ear, you also detect a delicate hint of perfume.

"Alex." You answer.

You feel a playful bite on your ear. "Wrong, try again."

"Sorry, I meant to say Alexis."

"Okay you’re forgiven." He says this time kissing your ear where he bit you.

"Come on let me see you."

"Okay but this is my first time fully dressed so be honest and tell me how I look."

He steps out and looks?

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