Stunning(Leon SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

He steps around in front of you and you sit there stunned, he looks walks and even talks like a girl now, and not just any girl but one of the most beautiful girls you've ever laid eyes on. His hair and make-up are immaculate; he's wearing a short black dress complete with a set of breast forms, topped off with a pair of black stockings and a pair of black four inch high heels.

"You do realize that if you go outside looking like that you'll cause a riot." You tell him.

"Why? Is it because they're all a bunch of racist homophobes." He replies.

"No, it's because you look better than all the other girls in this town and I don't think they could handle that."


"Yes really you look amazing."

"Thank you." He says throwing his arms around your neck and hugging you.

Do you?

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