Question him(Leon SLBC)

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You manage to resist your urges, knowing that you've decided to play it patiently, your determined not to do anything until he asks you too.

"Okay Alexis, sit down so we can talk." You tell him unhooking his arms from around your neck. He sits down looking at you, waiting for your questions. "How long have you dressed as Alexis?"

"Since I was twelve, it started out with just putting on a pair of panties and just progressed from there."

"And how long have you been attracted to men?"

"I guess I've always suspected I was gay, but it wasn't until." He pauses as he starts to blush. "It wasn't until I saw you working out on the weight bench out back just after you moved in here, you were only wearing a pair of red shorts, with black trim. You looked so hot with your dark skin and the way your muscles bulged every time you lifted a weight, just had me drooling imagining what you would do to me. After that whenever you were training I'd go to my room dress as Alexis and watch you and jerk off, then after a while I bought a dildo and would use that on myself pretending it was you. I just never thought you were interested in guys until James called last night and told me what you did to him and whatever I did not to go over."

"So James told you not to come over here so what I did to him, wouldn't happen to you?"

"Yes, but I had to come. You see I'd give James blow jobs whenever I dressed up but he never wanted sex, he said it would be too gay. You know what this town's like this may be the only opportunity I get to be the real me, so I want you to do to me what you did to James."

"Did James tell you what would happen if you didn't come over?"

"No, he just told me not too."

"I told him he would have to come over as your replacement."

"What, but that means he liked it, he told me he only did it because you had pictures of him."

"Nope, I lied about that I fucked him like that because it had been such a long time it was all about my pleasure. Now I can fuck you like that or if you prefer I could make your first time special, it's entirely up to you."

Does he choose?

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