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Hello I am Merlin_a4 and I am the writer of Zombie Overlord-Obviously. I have been writing for the past week or so and I have noticed that nobody has written anything in the story even though I said it was public. I encourage any of you to write what you feel like in the story as long as there is no adult content or radical plot changes. I have left loose ends where you decide what to do when you ascend the basement stairs and also when you are outside on the street. AKA the Investigate the Houses plot branch( There is also a somewhat secret side-story that is wide open for you). I hope everyone enjoys my writing and that this story becomes something great. I apologize that the story is in 1st person but I feel that the story flows better in first person.


Whoever wrote the stuff in the mall is completely genius. The holister one made me laugh. "how totally uber goth!" LOLZ


So much potential

Who doesn't like the idea of being a zombie overlord and mindlessly slaughtering people in a quest for global domination? Sadly, this story -- like so many on this site -- is entirely incomplete, and really needs the multiple options filled out. I've done some minor tweaks, but there's just not enough here; it's looking like it might have been abandoned years ago.

Also, I really don't like the "kill yourself" option on the first few pages. It serves absolutely no purpose and isn't funny. I don't think there's any harm in only having one option per page if it's where the author thinks the story has to go. On a public project like this, other people could always add other options later if necessary. I suggest the option is removed entirely. JackalRobot 14:12, 20 November 2011 (UTC)

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