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Story started 3/17/09 by Rawar

Last updated 11/23/09 by Rawar

Hello all. Okay, if you're interested in adding on, very cool. I'm not active here anymore, and I'd love to see someone else take over the story. I know it could use a lot of work. There is a potential for a lot of interesting twists and tangents, and I know others will have ideas that I haven't thought of.

Oh yes, for theme and context, think normal person meets everything from Dracula to Frankenstein. I'm sure you've got it.

Thanks, all! ~Rawar

Character and fact list (Please add to this or modify as you write)

Main character: Melissa Parker

Co-worker: Michael (last name unknown)

Guy who died: Carl Von Furchtsam

Potential heir: Walfreid Von Furchtsam

Town this takes place in: Schlechter Vielfrass, Romania (in what used to be Transylvania).

Melissa's law firm: Lager and Hays

Mad Doctor's name: Doctor Nicholae Kreuger

Town near mad doctor's castle: Catena

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