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Here's me!

Let's see- I joined in March of 2009. I'm (still!) working on Transylvanian terror, though I occasionally dabble in other stories. By the way, other people are allowed to work on it if they want. I don't think anyone else has done anything with it! I mean... I can finish it myself, but it is a public story you know....

Ahem. My literary interests include fantasy, comedy, light horror, and fun characters. I also like an engaging plot. I try to stay at or under the R rating. I like people and talking to people, so please leave a message on my discussion page. Recommend your story to me, or another story you've read and like. Tell me you think my stories suck, or suggest a plot direction if you don't want to edit that yourself. Or just introduce yourself to me. I'm all for getting to know my co-editors!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stories I have contributed to

Stories I recommend reading (finished or fairly complete)

Good stories that need more editing


I am beginning to compile a subject index on relatively complete stories. Maybe some day it'll be added to the main page. For now it can be found here. You can add to it, and please do, but I retain the right to add or remove any story from the list.

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